My Not So Single Story by h. hayes


MY FULL NAME is Hannah J. Hayes

I Live in Larchmont, New York, with Mom , Dad and my little Brother.

I am newly fourteen, months in my first year in Highschool.

I oddly own a typewriter, it’s not used at all really. It was given to me by my great grandmother,

Even though she knows I am not that interested in it.

I used to think that antiques were great but not i see them for what they really are out of date useless objects.

I use to be very shy and reserved but i still am just a little less.

It is true I am thought of as an quite a writer, which could come in handy when needed.

It is true that I am quiet.

It is also true that i do not quit so do not underestimate the quiet.

I truly admire the English Language for it homophones. Words so similar in sound yet completely different meanings. It brings a twist to the language.

Quite interesting

Wouldn't you agree ?

MY STORY STARTS before I moved from New Rochelle to Atlanta. Late August of 2010, my mom needed a change. She had already separated from by birth father and had been talking to a man I had yet to meet but she loved . She had known him for ages but as a friend. Together they wanted to pursue a relationship. Mom was merely in her late 20’s starting fresh in a new state for her, new school for me and new life for us. Before we boarded our one-way trip to Atlanta , Georgia and leaving everything behind she told me “ Hannah, Love makes you do crazy things.” The flight took off and new beginnings arose.


In the Hebrew scripts my name means grace , poise, elegance and all that. In my head it means ordinary, basic ,short from extraordinary. It is like a regular day, a day without rain without sun; an average day.

It was my mother's idea. Her idea to name me Hannah. The name is a blessing as much as curse. A blessing during good opportunity like a job interview or ordering food. A curse any other time. She thought of the name weeks before delivery. She told me that it came to her instantly like a plug to an outlet. “Hannah” she would say repeatedly.

Even though the name Hannah was the right fit. That wasn't the first option. Many names have came before it. At 7 months, the name Ursula was a thought. It means little bear , my mom thought that was adorable. The thought of being her little brown bear was soothing but after watching the “Little Mermaid” a popular Disney movie about a mermaid longing to be with a human who she love and co-starring a evil octopus named Ursula who lives to ruin the mermaid life and seal her voice.She realized that Ursula was not a suitable name for her first birth(a great decision).

Although, I did not get my name from a long line of family, my mother said what really pushed her to using that name for her first born was that the love for the meaning gracefulness and favor. She wanted the name to stick and resonate into my personality. She wanted the definition of my name to transfer into characteristics or qualities of who I am . She also wanted my name not to affect me in making a life for myself. She wanted a name than could further me in my doing. She thought that a name is the first impression before the face.

So for that, I would like to accept my name not for the name but for what it stands for and how now the meaning has truly resonated just like my mother wanted.


He is the only one who gets me and I him. He is the only one who calms me in times of stress. The only one who I can't stand but still need. The only one who I can love and hate. The only one who shares the bond of kinship. The only one who makes me laugh hysterically. We are two of the same like a tree sprouting branches with growing leaves. At the segregated age of seven and fourteen our bond is strong.

He is my little brother. Little to big , short to tall, he will always be my little brother.


Looking up at the sky she felt freedom. Gone from the troubles of life and poverty. She was no longer afraid, no longer sad, no longer alone. It was her clear skies and simply the grass that held her and detached her from her problems.

Looking up at the sky she embraced her ethnicity as misfit who doesn't fit in . She no longer lingers over current trends. Allowing none to break down her shield of self awareness.

Looking up at the sky she felt at ease. She watched the clear skies as it watched her . She observed the bursting Aqua shades in the sky like a splash of paint of a clear canvas , the soaring clouds in the distance endlessly racing . The sky appeared close, close enough to gently touch her . She was peaceful , calm. everything around her was dulcet.

Looking up at the sky she felt empowered. She felt that nothing could come between her intelligence. She knows that she can be anything she desires to be. Anything, anything under the skies. There are no glass boxes that can hold her back. She free to pursue her wildest dreams.

Looking at the sky she was able to take in her arms how valued she is in the skies eyes. She saw what no one else could..her worth. She put no worth in the negative words of anyone. As along all the clear skies watched over her she knew she would be valued.


Among twenty single stories

the only moving thing

was the heart of my single story

Steadily trying to escape

It was of three minds.

in which there are three single stories

race , gender and wealth.

My single story flourished in the soft winds.

it was a small part of the pantomime

Two thoughts

are one.

Two thoughts and judgement

Is a single story

I don't know which to prefer,

the beauty of inflections

or the beauty innuendos,

the voice of a single story or just after

Judgement filled the minds none stop like

a rainfall after a drought.

the shadow of a single story crossed after the storm,

the mood traced the shadow

an indecipherable cause.

why do you not imagine any other?

do you not see how the single story is

praised around the feet of the women about you?

Is is not wrong to imagine the worst in others?

Is it acceptable to point of flaws of others who never deserved?


I know noble accents and lucid, inescapable rhythms

but I know too ,

that the single story is involved

in what we know.

when the single story is flown out of sight,

it marked the edge

of one of many circles.

at the sight of a single stories

Soaring in light,

even the bawds of euphony

would cry out sharply

it rode over all

in a glass coach.

once, a fear pierced it,

in that he mistook

the shadow of his equipage

for stories.

if their thoughts are moving.

the single story will be aroused , waiting.


This is 14.

Fourteen is the interview with life. The emotional drama of growing up is still to come , the physical perils of aging are at it's peek. in these years it is hard to be blissful and easy to be fearful. you are an expert at more things than you care to be and a stranger to all, the rest. with that you realize that lesson are to be learned and your interview with life has just begun.

So, you vow to do better ; even if you may not.

Fourteen is finding yourself in your friends and them loving you for who you are while you loving them for who they are.

Fourteen is walking through high school hall eagerly waiting to walk out. You are going class feeling overloaded with work and procrastinating till the last moment. A small freshman waiting for your four years to pass while picking up valuable pieces to haul into adulthood. You think to yourself these are the last few year to still have “mommy and daddy” help you get through the day. Fourteen is these thoughts lingering in your head like dead meat in a butcher shop.

Fourteen is the very end of the easy middle school life. Where everything was a “no biggie”. It is the start of a age with more freedoms that can be exciting but also comes with a lot of responsibility a word 14 hates . You are able to have a life now meaning go go with friends but you still have to keep in mind that bio-chem test that you MUST study for or your 96 with turn to a 83 percent. It's missing one day of school that feels like missing a whole quarter and your make-up work is up to your knees.

It's liking one part of your body and hating everything else. No matter how many times you say to yourself “you're still growing”, you still imaging you're flaws and are wishing for it to go away overnight and trying every D.I.Y. home remedy under the sun. you wish that at 15 you would have the perfect image.

At 14 you're tolerance of anything lowers to it's lowest point because in you're head life is too short and you're head is to hot to have to deal with anything that doesn't benefit yourself in some way.

14 is being glued to your iphone, ipad , mac, etc. and social media and barely having any non-electronic fun and being aware the consequences in the long run of these problems but 14 is not caring enough of the future and only caring about the now.

At 14 you still don't and never have understood it all, and there's a hunger of understanding. There is an acceptance that you are getting older and their is only one way to go from here, up. You want to do good not only for you but for your day 1 supporters.

At 14 you learn how to better yourself even if you're not ready to learn it.

This is 14.This me. Now


While writing my “Not so single story multi-genre project" I tried to capture the idea of the thoughts in my head and my feelings towards objects , people and experience or even just fictional ideas like “clear skies”. I put together my entries by it's intangible worth to me and the ideas I had. Beginning with my “True Profile” inspired by E. Lockhart's ,“We Were Liars”. I tried to mimic her structure i the piece but still keep it truthful to me and my life.

To continue, My Vignettes, although in did not re-write the pieces I still put in thought on why in wrote my vignettes I the first place and how could I improve each one . Writing “little brother”, I wanted to express my relationship with my brother, an odd yet none the less a joyful relationship also showing that age and gender does not affect our bond. Moving although to my second choice of vignettes, “My name”. This one is heavily impact to me because your name is the first thing people pass judgement on before actually meeting you. So the importance of giving me a name that could benefit me instead of discourage me is important to me. Lastly, in my vignette section is “clear Skies”, This was the longest vignette written out of the three because I put a lot of thinking and revising to really give the reader a vivid picture of what in was writing . as far as relating to my work, I don't think that “she” is necessarily me. I think it is someone who in would aspire to have similar qualities as . Like her boldness is something in would love to to posses and her fearless and ability to dive away from her problems and really just live in the moment as it happens.

Unlike my Vignette “clear skies” writing 12 ways of looking at a single story was a much more of a difficult write. It was inspired by Wallace Stevens. In substitute blackbird in used single story to show how fast a single story can spread and the dislike of a single story. 12 ways is relatable because in my opinion people judge others sometimes without even knowing.

Lastly, reflecting of my this is 14: interview with life, is in my opinion of of my favorite essay yet because it is just so me and my generation and my experiences and thoughts just rolled into one. Re-reading this essay I didn't realize how much problems I actually experience at this age.


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