Ruth Martinez VETERINARIAN &Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Job description

To be a veterinarian helps any type of animal that is sick or physically hurt

Education required

I want to study in Alabama college

To be a vet requires 6 years of education because you need a doctoral or a perfetional degree

Skills needed to accomplish this job...

You have to put your emotions aside for the client

Stay strong and not be tired

Trust on the people you work with

Be sincere with your clients

Can't be afraid of any animal

Experience required

Vet student it could be either walking dogs or working at the dog shelter or living on a farm

Yearly pay

We get payed around $53,210-$158,260 yearly

Career reflection

Why do I choose this career area?

I choose this career because since I was little I've always been wanting to help animals and I've always been in love with animals

Why do I think I would be a good fit for this job?

I think I would be good for this job because my passion is to take care of animals I love animals and I would do anything to save them

What attracts me the most of this job?

The animals that's the main stuff that I want to do is what I love and that is be around animals

What are my concerns about this career?

My concerns could be that someone will be so so attached to their animal that if I can't do anything about it they will blame it on me

What would be the best strategy for making this career happen?

The love of animal.


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