It All Began in a Garden Government House Grounds, Victoria BC

The gardens on the grounds of Government House in Victoria BC are certainly worth a visit if traveling to the island. I've only gotten there twice, once in the Spring and once in the Summer. Both times were quite unique. The property is affectionately called the "informal home of all British Columbians" given they pay for it with their taxes it is nice to be acknowledged. Another very nice feature of the gardens is... it's free!

Great place for a walkabout, much of it’s 36 acres are in a variety of gardens.

A Spring visit means plenty of early bloomers...

and that means getting low for the shot...

but, oh so worth it.

Magnolias are such an elegant flower.

A visit in the summer is also well worth it - especially if you happen to arrive for rose season. There are two separate and distinct rose gardens on the grounds.

The more formal rose garden

The gardens are a wonderful place to meet friends for an afternoon of en plein air.

or just wandering the grounds to enjoy what's in bloom.

A remarkable rock garden of alpine plants - so appropriate for a province such as B.C.

Acknowledging the history of the land and people.


C. J. Bennington Fine Art Photography