Erasmus+... in Pacy-sur-Eure, France 🇫🇷 March 30 - April 5, 2019


I had set the alarm for 6 am but I got up at 6:15 so I had to hurry up a little bit. We had to meet at Duisburg main trainstation at 7:45, the train came at 8:05. After 4 hours we arrived in Paris at the Gare du Nord, a very large and beautiful train station. We had to go from the Gare du Nord by Metro to Gare St. Lazare to take the train to Pacy, where our exchange students where waiting for us. This was a one hour train ride. Then we met our exchange students. Mine took me to the city center where we had some drinks in a very nice restaurant. After this we walked a bit around the city and went home. I was very excited where I was going to stay the next few days. I got my own room which I really liked. After having a rest we all had dinner. After this it already was late and I went to bed.

Ben, 9d

I woke up at 6 am and drove at 7.20 am to the train station in Duisburg. We went by train to Paris in about 4 hours. At 13.40 we took another train to Pacy, where out hosts waited. We arrived there at 3 pm and I went together with my host and his mother to their home. They live in the neighbour village called Mènnlies. After I settled in, my host Roman and I went to the basketball court where we met friends of his. Around 6 pm we walked back home, and later at 7 pm we went to his neighbour Camille, where we ate pizza, talked and danced with some others (Elisabeth, Phillip, Asia, and Patrycja from Poland and our hosts). Around 22 o'clock the day ended.

Colin, 9d


I woke up at 7 am and together with my host went to school by car at 8. After we arrived there, we got on our bus to Paris with the others. We drove about 1 hour. Then we saw the Arc du Triumphe and walked down the Champs Elysees.

Then we went to the famous Louvre. Here we went on a scavenger hunt through the museum and had to find famous paintings and answer questions. I especially liked the famous painting "Mona Lisa".

After that we had lunch in the park. It was great because the weather was fantastic..

At 2 we went on a boat trip on the the Seine and saw sights like the Eiffel Tower, Quartier Latin and Notre Dame. Then we walked back along the river to the Louvre and got on the bus back to Pacy. Later in the evening (around 7.30 PM) we arrived and went back home. At home we ate spaghetti for dinner.


Sunday morning I had to get up early, very early. I took a shower and then we had breakfast, typical French breakfast a large bowl of milk coffee with cereals and orange juice. After breakfast we had to hurry up a bit because we had to be in time for the bus. When we arrived at the school the two buses were already there. The bus drive took about 1,5 hours. I could already see the Eifel tower from far away.

We drove on the Champs Élysées and there was no traffic, only a few cars. We got out of the bus right in front of the Arc de Triomphe and there were only a few people. We walked down the whole Champs Élysées, what was pretty long. But it was really beautiful.

Our first attraction was the Louvre, I was pretty excited because I had seen the Louvre only in films. There were many people at the Louvre and there was an artist that had made an installation, but I didn’t understood what he had made, some kind of paintings on the floor. We went inside the Louvre which really was impressive. It’s a huge building, the tour guide told that you would need 3 months to walk through the Louvre if you only stand in front of a painting 3 seconds. I saw the Mona Lisa, which was really exciting.



Monday we first met in front of the school. After a while we went in and entered a room with many chairs and a projector. Then the the headteacher of the school, Monsieur Parras, held a speech where he thanked everyone for coming and said that he was really happy that everything worked so well. The ministers of education from the department of Pacy as well as the town’s mayor were also present.

After the speeches every school introduced itself and showed a presentation or a little movie about their school and about water, the topic we had to prepare at home for this day.

After everyone was finished we got a little present, a backpack and a t shirt. Then Mme. Baki, of the French teachers and the coordinator, explained to us that we are going to work on a presentation or movie about different rivers. In that presentation/movie we should explain what happened with that river in the past, what is happening there right now and what we think will happen in the future. We also got put into mixed groups with around 6 people from France, Italy, Poland and Germany.

But before we started working we went to the gym of the school where some students showed us some dances. When they were finished we went out and everyone got a ballon filled with helium. There was a little piece of paper on the ballon where everyone wrote their name. Then we let the balloons go....

When the balloons were gone we went into the cafeteria and got something to eat. Then we went up to the computer room of the school and thought about and how we want to present our river and we also did some research.

We, the German group, had to take our Englishtest which was interesting because a French teacher supervised us.

After the test and some project work we went home.

Philipp, 9c


On Tuesday morning we took the bus to Rouen, where we walked along the river and learned about the development of the river banks and how they will be changed in favour of the environment within the next years.

We crossed the river on the famous Pont Flaubert, a huge vertical- lift bridge.

After we had lunch we went to the old part of Rouen and had time to walk around on our own. It rained alot so we spent most of the time in the shops and cafés.

In the afternoon we drove back to Pacy. Then I went home with my host. The day was very nice.

Carlos, 9c


Today I got up at 6:00 o’clock. After we dressed and had breakfast we went to school.There we took the bus and drove to Giverny with the whole group to see Claude Monet‘s famous garden and house. It was super nice, I’d like a garden like that too.

After our tour of Giverny we walked along the river in the rain and in the cold. We had to find information for our project- water. Then we took the bus back to school.

Later I walked through the village with my exchange student.

There a donkey named Laslo tried to eat my jacket. We ran down a steep slope and I fell into the mud. Then we have finally arrived home. Actually I wanted to rest a bit but that was not possible because we had to go shopping.

In the evening we went to school, ate crepes and danced. So my day was very, very funny and very beautiful.

Particia, 9c

Today we left school at 8:20 and drove to Giverny, about an hour away from Pacy. There we visited the house and garden of Claude Monet. After that we waked along the river from Giverny to Vernon. When we arrived in school we walked back to the house of my host family, there we ate something. Then Alice, a friend of my host, came and we went to a bowling center near Pacy. At 18.30 we met everyone at school, there we had crêpes party and a little dance party. At 9:00 pm we are back at my host‘s home, there we played a lot of games. That was my Wednesday.

Elisabeth, 9c


First we had lessons in different classes. I had Maths, then Latin.

At 10:00 we all left school at 10 o’clock and walked to the market of Pacy.

At 12 o’clock we walked back to school to have lunch. Then we had lessons and our workshops on our topics „Seine, Paris and the future, Rouen, Giverny and Claude Monet“. We tried to do our best because we knew we had to present our work in the evening to the teachers, parents and people from the local townhall.

The presentations started at 6:00 pm. Everyone was impressed by our work and we did learn alot in this week.

After the presentations we went to the school cafeteria and we ate the yummy food from the buffet the parents had prepared.

Then we danced and lot of us cried because we knew that we had to say goodbye in a few hours. At 21.45 it was time to say good bye forever and everybody started to cry again. In this moment we realized the time here in Pacy was over. When we had said goodbye to everyone we drove back to my hosts house. I packed my things. That was the last day here in Pacy.

Elisabeth, 9c


We met at school and said our final goodbyes. Then we drove to the trainstation in Vernon and took the train to Paris. Here we had to change stations and waited for the train to Germany.

We had a wonderful week and would like to thank everybody for the great experience. We will miss you all❤️

Louisa, 9c

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