The Mainsail Issue 3 2021 | Term 2 - MONDAY 5 july 2021

Discovering their Passions

We are excited to theme this edition of The Mainsail around the many opportunities our St James' students have to experience what may one day become their passion.

Inspired by teachers who themselves are incredibly passionate about what they do, our students study the core curriculum in an immersive and engaging way. Added to that is an extensive program of co-curricular clubs, incursions and excursions, extension support, industry engagement and hands-on opportunities, service-learning and community programs, plus a fun social program ranging from discos to river cruises, movie nights to pajama days. All created and designed to inspire your child to experience many, many different things on their journey to discovering their passions.

We are also pleased to announce details of our new partnership with ECU which will provide our students with yet another personalised pathway for their future.



As we go about our everyday business as a school, there are structures appearing at various locations around the grounds that I would like to provide you with an update on.

On the western edge of the site adjacent to the gymnasium, the two new Sports Science classrooms, fitness suite, storage area and kitchen servery are progressing to the roof stage. On the eastern side of the gymnasium you will notice the start of our large stage area, green room, storage space and Sports Office extending towards the oval. These buildings, along with a new timber floor for the gym, to be completed in Week 8 of next term, will allow access to the facility in late Term 3 with full use by Term 4.

In addition, you will notice a large two-story structure being built on the eastern side of the campus. adjacent to the existing Stage 3 Senior School building. This will be our second senior school building and complete the senior classrooms. It has been designed to provide a myriad of new opportunities for our students. It will be joined to the current two-story building via a skybridge.

The ground floor will contain four new Humanities classrooms and specialist rooms for performing Arts and Music. This will include large stage spaces and green rooms with wet facilities. There will also be a teacher prep area and three large tutorial rooms.

On the first floor we will see our library triple in size and relocate from the current location. The new library will contain small study rooms, two tutorial rooms and several meeting spaces. At the far end of the building will be four new English classrooms and student amenities, along with a small common room.

Eventually, the Performing Arts Centre will be linked to this building via a skybridge.

The Stage 4 building should be complete in November 2021 and be ready for use in January 2022. We are looking to organise a student tour as soon as we assume possession, and will keep you informed.

Our strong growth in student numbers has made these investments financially viable and will provide the facilities to complete the required buildings to ensure our students are resourced at the highest level.

I thank you all for your continued support and input into our community and the positive way in which you engage with the people in our school, and the entire region. We are a united, close and respectful community and we should all commit to forging ahead with those ideals beyond the hardship that the uncertainty that the last few years have brought.

Kind regards

Adrian Pree

Mr Adrian Pree | Principal

Our Exciting New Pathway to University

St James' Anglican School and Edith Cowan University (ECU) new UniPrep Schools Partnership.

We bring you some exciting news of an additional pathway which will be offered in Senior School at St James’ from 2022. A new partnership with ECU will allow us to offer the UniPrep Schools Program as part of a personalised pathway in Year 12.

The purpose of the ECU UniPrep Schools Program is to complement the students' existing Senior School study commitments by scaffolding academic skills development, integrating university experiences and providing our students with accessible pathways to tertiary study. ECU UniPrep Schools is a provider-developed Endorsed Program by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

Students who successfully complete the ECU UniPrep program and achieve their WACE certificate will be eligible to apply for an undergraduate course with an Academic Admission Band 3 as determined by ECU Admissions in its absolute discretion.

This means your son or daughter will be able to achieve direct entry to a range of ECU courses upon finishing school.

This is another example of ways St James' is looking to empower our Year 11 and 12 students to thrive in their final years of schooling.

Please see further information here. If you have any queries, please contact Ella at epearce@stjames.wa.edu.au

Mrs Ella Pearce | VET Coordinator and Careers Advisor


Discovering the Passion

Have you ever wondered what drives or inspires your child, or even yourself?

A word that we use a lot is passion. If you become passionate about something you will learn and grow to love and enjoy it. I heard this often when I was younger, and I still hear it said today. The point or problem is, how do we become passionate? Or do we even really understand the full meaning of the word passion.

I see and hear a lot of the teachers talking with passion about their subject. What I also see is the hard work and patience they put in daily to teach. This is what passion actually means, as well as the joy. We have the Passion of Christ, the suffering and agony He had to endure, all with patience and humility.

Anyone who is known for their skills or knowledge has had to go through much hard work, the sweat and tears to reach the level of skill they have. To have passion for something means that you have to be prepared to work at it and have the patience to continue, when things do not seem to go right.

This is where we come in as parents, teachers, family or friend. It is our support and encouragement that keeps and helps a child, along with ourselves, reach the fullest potential and build their passion. By being alongside and encouraging each other, we and they learn to endure. This builds their confidence and self-esteem, as well as the patience to cope with difficult situations and times. All of this gives them the passion to try and try again while learning how to enjoy what they are doing and why.

So, by helping a child to try doing and learning new things with excitement, you are helping them to discover what may be their passions. With support and encouragement, they learn to be confident and resilient young adults. They will change their minds and want to do and try different things, which is normal. By sharing this journey with them, you just might find you have a passion for something new too.

With every blessing

Reverend John Taylor | School Chaplain

From the Head of Junior School

NAIDOC Day 2021

On Tuesday 15 June, the St James’ community had our annual NAIDOC Day celebrations.

NAIDOC Week falls during the July holidays, which is why we celebrate this important occasion in June. The purpose behind NAIDOC Week is to recognise the achievements and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The theme for 2021 is ‘Heal Country’.

The day started with a welcome to country by the Moorditj Mob from Wesley College. They performed a series of dances to students across the whole school, Kindy to Year 12. Then each year level set off to experience different activities and guest presenters throughout the day, including:

• Local elder, Derek Nannup, came to speak to the Junior School students. He entertained them by telling First Nation stories.

• Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse ran musical workshops with all students across the school. Their music involves contemporary music set with Noongar language and our students were moved by their musicianship and their artistry

• Ben Lewis from UWA worked with Year 6 students, where the boys were instructed in using the didgeridoo whilst the girls undertook traditional weaving.

• The Year 4 students planted a Bush Tucker Garden and also worked on creating their own Rainbow Serpent using limestone blocks from around the campus.

• The Year 5 students used their artistic skills to create some decorative poles that will be installed in the Bush Tucker Garden.

• The Early Learning students gathered gumnuts and then used them as 'brushes' to create their own nature-themed artworks.

• The Year 8 students had a virtual reality experience to learn more about First Nations culture.

• The Year 7’s followed traditional recipes to create some tasty food, including salt bush damper and salt bush sausage rolls. If you'd like to try your hand at the latter, we are pleased to share the recipe here.

• All Senior School pastoral care groups created artworks that represented the theme of ‘Heal Country’, which look fantastic and will be welcome additions around the school.

Over the course of the day students and staff learnt more about the culture of our First Nations people and will be looking forward to embedding some of what they learnt into their regular curriculum.

Mr Dan Mornement | Head of Junior School

Image Gallery - St James' NAIDOC Day 2021

Thank you to all of our incredible staff for such an immersive celebration of the culture and traditions of our First Nation Peoples. A special shout out to Mrs Anna Fletcher, Head of Art, for imagining and facilitating the many wonderful artworks created by our students from the ELC to Year 12, on the day.

From the Head of Senior School

Taking Chances

As individuals we often ‘swim between the flags’, operating in a safe space where we know what can be achieved. To accelerate our progress, we need to be bold, take appropriate risks and venture into the deeper water.

Recently, in a Design and Technology task, Year 8 students were asked to produce a ‘wooden dragster’, with three central criteria – that it be aerodynamic, aesthetically pleasing and that their dragster optimised the relationship between mass and acceleration as defined by Newton’s Second Law (ie. that it accelerates quickly).

Some of the designs were amazing, swept back, hollow, curved or tapered, for example. Some of the paint jobs, clear coats and patterns were exceptionally appealing to the eye. Many of the dragsters accelerated quickly as the CO2 cannister that powered them was punctured. What was evident in this learning task, was the students’ preparedness to take chances with their design, their finishing skills and, where appropriate, their construction abilities.

It would have been easy for students to follow a plan, work to a pattern or select a function on a 3D printer to construct the ‘perfect dragster’. Instead, students researched, developed their own concept drawings, sought feedback from their peers and staff, and then worked through the creative process to create a finished product.

At St James’ students are encouraged to take chances, to swim outside of the flags (when on solid ground!) and to find their inner genius.

Mr Chris Hall | Head of Senior School

From The Friends of St James’

Well, that is second term finished and what an exciting term it has been!

We had our Mother’s Day Stall with a beautiful array of gifts. I think all the little ones thoroughly enjoyed buying something for their Mum. I do hope that all the Mums loved their presents. I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved with arranging, making and selling of the gifts. We are now looking forward to Father’s Day!

One of the highlights for me of Term 2 was the school production, ‘The Little Mermaid Jr. I think that all the students who were part of the play can be very proud on themselves, with the hours of work and rehearsals that resulted in such a successful show. While Hayley had an unfortunate accident during curtain call at the end of the first show, everyone worked together to keep the show running, and Hayley is recovering very well. I would also like to say a big thank you to all our teachers, students and parents who were involved in the production of ‘The Little Mermaid Jr’.

A lot is happening currently at St James’. By the end of the year, we will have our second Senior School building, with a focus on the Arts and an extension to the gymnasium. Out of school, growth is also happening in the area with a tempo. Alkimos is getting a train station and the City of Wanneroo has approved a new North Coast Aquatic and Recreation Centre at Alkimos Central, so we will be getting a pool in Alkimos in the near future!

The new North Coast Aquatic and Recreation Centre will transform Alkimos Central and will bring significant social and economic benefits to the area and surrounding suburbs. The site will also have easy access for the general public through the planned METRONET Alkimos train and bus stations, and via the Mitchell Freeway extension.

I find it exciting to be part of the Alkimos community, especially at such a time of growth.

Please save the date for our St James’ Family Fun Fair on Saturday 18 September 2021.

It is going to be bigger than ever with so much to do. Currently the Friends of St James’ are extremely busy organising of the fair in collaboration with the School. There will be fun rides, including the Supa Nova thrill ride, face painting, games, markets, food stalls, raffles, a baby animal farm, pony rides and so much more. You will not want to miss it!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe break.

Best wishes

Ms Sonet Coetzee | President

In Senior School

On Wednesday 23 June 2021, St James’ launched 'The Twenty-Three', our Alumni Association named in honour of our inaugural graduating class of 23 students.

After careful consideration of what to call our new alumni, and in consultation with the Class of 2021, it was decided to break the naming norms! Old Scholars or Old Saints just didn't fit the Orange Army and so, as our first Year 12s get ready to go forth and blaze a trail, it seemed fitting that they be recognised as the anchors of the alumni.

Over a delicious buffet breakfast catered by Hayley, our very own Canteen Manager, and her team, the students learnt the value of being part of an alumni. St Mark’s Anglican School Old Scholar, Mr Andrew Coffin, kindly joined us at the crack of dawn to share his experiences with remaining connected to his cohort and the wider school community, during a Q&A with Principal, Mr Pree.

The benefits of remaining in touch go far beyond the traditional school reunion. A connected and engaged alumni support each other and future members (current students). They provide mentorship, tutoring, inspiration, along with being a vital part of our graduates and students' professional networks of the future.

We look forward to sharing news of The Twenty-Three as they set off on their adventures next year...

Mr Andrew Coffin talks to Principal, Mr Adrian Pree.

In Junior School

A 'Year Of'...

At St James’ we recognise that each grade is sequential and that more is expected as students make their way from Kindergarten to Year 12. To assist in this process in the Junior School, each year level has a motto or area of focus.

The motto above each classroom reflects the teaching philosophy of the teachers in each year level. We are very proud of our underlining goals which drives each classroom and feel it is a true reflection of what we are trying to achieve on a daily basis.

This term signs were installed in the collaborative areas highlighting showcasing these which are as follows:

  • Kindy: Play is the Way
  • Pre-Primary: Don’t Underestimate Us
  • Year 1: Challenge Us
  • Year 2: Let Us Lead
  • Year 3: Year of Independence and Resilience
  • Year 4: Year of Inquiry and Global Citizenship
  • Year 5: Year of Application and Cooperation
  • Year 6: Year of Determination and Leadership

Mr Nicholas Townsend | Deputy Head of Junior School

Senior School Academic Assembly

A highlight of the Term 2 was our Senior School Awards Assembly, held on Friday 25 June.

Students were recognised for their academic excellence, attitude and effort, based on the results and performance indicators on their Semester 1 reports. We were also delighted to award a number of students School Colours for their contribution to areas such as the arts, technologies, sport and service.

We thank Mr Tony Stopher, our new Chair of School Council, for presenting the awards and for providing his insights into the importance of student recognition, based on his experience as Principal of St Marks Anglican Community School for many years.

Congratulations to all the awardees on your outstanding achievements; you have done us proud.

Mr Chris Hall | Head of Senior School

Junior School Disco

Students eagerly awaited the opening of the door, dressed to impress. As it creaked open, dazzling strobing lights darted across the room with streamers abound. Smiling faces were plentiful, teachers and education assistants included.

A sea of colour flooded the room – flowery dresses, funky t-shirts and fancy jackets. DJ Mitch and DJ Callum welcomed the students with Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. The smell of sausages further excited the students, along with prizes, including playdough and Lego! The energy was electric at the disco this year. We look forward to holding another K-2 and 3-6 disco again next year.

Mr Nicholas Townsend | Deputy Head of Junior School

Hands-on Career Experiences at St James'

Matt's Workplace Learning Location - Fitzroy Crossing

Discovering Careers -Try a Trade

St James' students had the opportunity to 'Try a Trade' in the Building and Construction industry. This was a practical and hands-on experience enabling them to discover the skills and competencies that make up Vocational and Education Pathways.

Students spent three days at the North Metropolitan Trade Hub trying their skills at tiling, plastering and bricklaying.

During Electrical 'Try a Trade Day', students were able to spend a day at the College of Electrical Training in Joondalup.

They learnt about careers and pathways in the electrical industry, including participating in hands-on experiences. Interested students are then able to apply for and commence a Certificate II Electrotechnology (pre-apprenticeship) into the electrical industry.

Applications for 2022 VET Pathways open in Term 3 and any interested students are asked to please see Mrs Pearce.

Mrs Ella Pearce | VET Coordinator and Careers Advisor

Workplace Learning - On Location

Workplace Learning

Students completed their two week block work placement as part of the Senior Pathways Work Place Learning program.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Create connections with Industry.
  • Develop essential employability skills for the world of work.
  • Experience a work environment that assists them in making informed decisions as to what industry areas or occupations they may decide to pursue in the future.
  • Students gain unit equivalence for every 55 hours completed in the workplace. It is reported as an Endorsed Program on a student’s Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA).

Mrs Ella Pearce | VET Coordinator and Careers Advisor

Year 10 Work Experience

Our Year 10 students also completed their work experience in Term 2. Stepping outside of their comfort zones, they went to work in a range of professions from clerical to education, retail to trades, to name but a few. Work experience is an invaluable opportunity and provides students with:

  • A hands-on experience, to build their knowledge of post-school pathways, enabling them to gain a clearer expectation of their future.
  • A chance to develop essential real-world employability skills, including time-management, communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills.
  • An opportunity to show initiative and take responsibility which increases their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.
We would like to thank all the businesses who welcomed one of our students into your workplace. Your contribution is graciously appreciated.

Mrs Ella Pearce | VET Coordinator and Careers Advisor

Fairytales, Folktales and Fables, Myths and Dreaming...

Library Studies 2021

The Pre-primary students and I meet once a week for Library and Information Literacy skills. Each term we focus on a theme and for Term 2, it was 'Fairytales, Folktales, Fables, Myths and Dreaming'. The students have explored the differences between the five genres with the aid of puppets, marionettes and stories. For the last three weeks, we have been learning about the Dreaming and what it means for us.

The aim of the library program is to:

  • Emphasise to the students that the library is a safe and comfortable space to read, share ideas and enquire about resources and activities.
  • Encourage students to become familiar, confident users of the library.
  • Introduce and to promote the wide range of fiction and non fiction titles and resources in the library.
  • Show students that stories and resources from other cultures and times are valued learning resources for problem solving, social and emotional development.

The best part of the library program is that it allows children to explore how a library can open up so many opportunities for knowledge and skills-building. The children have learnt their special library song and know that hens and frogs are not good in the library, and babies can be very noisy but still want to join.

Enjoy and sing along to the Library Song here on YourTube

Mrs Teresa Gastevich | School Counsellor

Year 10 Science and Engineering Challenge

On Wednesday 19 May, some year 10 Science students attended the annual Science and Engineering Challenge, a nationwide STEM outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle.

St James’ Anglican School competed with seven other schools on the day, and 39 different schools in total. Throughout the day, we received the chance to experience many aspects of science and engineering which we would not usually see at school.

We were inspired after participating in a variety of fun and competitive hands-on activities involving principles of science, engineering and technology. The exhilarating day involved many challenges where we put our best problem-solving minds to the test, designing an earthquake-proof tower, providing electricity to a city, building a hovercraft or bridge, creating an environmentally friendly house, making water turbines, developing networks to join towns, or producing spy-like codes with just colours.

The Science and Engineering Challenge was thoroughly enjoyed by all students who attended as we were encouraged to think outside of the box, problem solve and had the chance to learn about engineering. We were presented with meaningful and hands-on experiences which everyone got involved in, approaching the challenges with imagination, innovation and teamwork.

The Challenge was definitely very rewarding as well as informative about relevant potential careers. I am sure many of us were inspired to create a future in science and engineering after a day of learning, inspiration, teamwork and fun.

Tongxin Sycamore | Year 10 Student


On Wednesday 2 June some of our talented young piano players performed at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School in the ASC Piano Competition. Each student performed a piece that they had practiced with their piano teacher. The adjudicators were supportive and encouraging towards our students.

Memorising pieces and performing in front of adjudicators and competitors is no easy task but our students exemplified the standards of the Orange Army and did us proud!

Congratulations to all the students who performed:

Caitlyn Bright | Lara Bastow | Ava Briggs | Ella Bradshaw | Sophie Dale | Tyson Bennett | Tongxin Sycamore | Mai Wiltshire | Francesca Todd | Bella McAinsh | Annabel Lucas | Melissa Allen | Isabella Thomson | Lily Clayton | Baily Love.

Mrs Tracey Cooke | Head of Music

Year 1 Science - Up Close with Nature

Year 1 Science Immersion

This term, our Year 1 students had the excitement of furthering their education through wonderful, ‘hands-on’ activities.

They visited Naturescape in King’s Park, which was a place for them to connect with nature and learn to appreciate our unique Western Australian environment. The students investigated some of the creatures who call King’s Park home. A bushland mystery encouraged them to learn through observation and inquiry. They explored the idea that all animals have needs, habitats and special features, and that plants and animals in the bush rely on each other. A highlight was the chance to paddle in the creek during our explorations.

A few days later, Kevin from ‘The Wormshed’ brought masses of worms into the classroom. We gathered information on worms, the environment in which they live, the worm’s role in waste management, recycling, worm biology, sustainability and gardening. We got up close and personal with the worms in the very popular ‘hands-in’ activity. Each student got to make their own mini worm farm to keep!

The students were delighted to immerse themselves in the natural environment, as they furthered their understanding of the importance of nature in all our lives.

Ms Suzy Flight | Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Fire Truck Incursion

During Term 2, Year 2 has been focusing on the Earth’s Natural Resources. With this exploration we have been specifically looking at water. The students have investigated sources of water, how we use water and how we can conserve water.

Year 2 were able to have an exciting morning with the Quinns Rocks Bush Fire Brigade on Wednesday 2 June. Students had the opportunity to ask the bush fire volunteers questions such as how much water do they use when fighting fires? Where do you get the water from that you use? How much water does a fire truck, helicopter or airplane carry?

Students we then able to explore the truck hearing the sirens, seeing the equipment and even getting to use the water hose. This helped to consolidate the students’ learning for the term about water and its vital importance in our daily lives and the need to conserve it.

Year 2 students were also visited by a parent, Adrienne Sanders, who is a Strategic Projects Manager at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. She spoke to the children about a variety of careers and possibilities in working with water management and conservation.

Many of our students are passionate about the environment and finding ways to preserve our Earth. This term has fuelled their excitement for continually finding ways to do this.

Ms Candice Geracitano | Year 2 Classroom and PE Teacher

Enjoying good times together

Social occasions play a huge role in the St James' student experience. This term we had two special outings for our Senior School students, Movie Night and the Year 10 River Cruise, along with the Junior School Disco featured earlier.

Senior School Movie Night

On Thursday 17 June St James' held our annual Senior School movie night. Over 250 students from Years 7 to 12 attended Grand Cinema in Joondalup to watch The Fast and Furious 9.

Staff and students alike enjoyed a few hours of consuming vast amounts of popcorn, getting their sugar rush from frozen Coke and even watching the movie! Thank you to all the staff who attended to watch the movie with the students. It was an amazing evening.

The success of events like these could not occur without our passionate staff going above and beyond. A huge thank you to our Head of Year 7, Mrs Stacey Syme, for coordinating such a fun night. Mrs Syme did comment that it was an educational experience as well, when one of the characters in the film acknowledged the the value of education with the line, "Man I wish I had listened to my teachers!”. This received a cheer from the students! Or was that the teachers...?

Year 10 River Cruise

On Friday 25 June our Year 10 students enjoyed a social event on the high seas...well, the Swan River!

Embarking at Pier 3 on the Barrack Street Jetty, they set off for a private river cruise and the opportunity to spend some time socialising as a year group. The evening included dinner, hanging out, music and a the spectacular showcase that is the City of Perth by night.

Pre-Primary Pro Harts

Our Pre-Primary students have been channeling their inner artists as they spent time in Term 2 learning the elements of visual art, including shape, colour, line and texture.

Our mini-creatives used natural and manufactured materials to re-create famous artworks, including the bridges of Monet’s gardens to Picasso’s abstract designs. One of the highlights was definitely the 3D ‘Pro-Primary’ collage, where students worked together to make a food artwork based on Pro Hart’s famous creations This enabled them to use their imaginations as they interacted, collaborated and explored the tactile sensations of different foods, and got sticky fingers!

The results have been imaginative and vibrant with the classes decorated in creations and colours that many art galleries can only dream of!

Mrs Denise Stone | Pre-Primary Teacher

The Edible Garden

The St James' Home Economics team and students have added to their existing herb garden by planting an edible garden adjacent to the Trade Centre. With a new food composter in the food rooms, which turns food waste into eco chips, our budding chefs will now grow plants which can be used for their cooking, including lemongrass, curry leaf bush, saltbush, rosemary, and lavender to name but a few, and also create their own fertiliser to nurture them, using the kitchen scraps. A big thank you to our St James' Groundsman, Marcus, for all his help with preparing the garden beds for planting.

Well done, Team Green.


Did you know that playing outside can improve your child’s learning?

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Getting just 30 minutes of outdoor play a day can improve a child's gross and fine motor skills, concentration and problem-solving skills.

For example, climbing a tree develops such skills as understanding the risk, problem-solving, core strength, hand strength, gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, building confidence and the excitement of achieving the task. The Vitamin D from the sun will also improve their overall mood and mental health.

Studies show only 1 in 5 Australian children play outside regularly. On average, children are spending four hours a week playing outdoors compared to a minimum recommendation of eight hours.

Some ideas to suggest to your child to encourage them to play outdoors, include:

  • Ride your bike.
  • Race to the top of a hill and roll down.
  • Play on the playground or at the beach.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Use imagination! A stick can become a wand, sword, or a dragon’s bone!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Jump in puddles.
  • Throw or kick a ball with your mates.
  • Play in piles of leaves.
  • Play handball with a chalk drawn court.
  • Go for a swim.
  • Build a fort using branches and leaves
  • Throw a frisbee on the beach.

There are also many outdoor-based activity programs, some to try include:

Nature Play WA

Kids Nature Club

For little scavengers who take to the walking trails over the holidays, here are some scavenger hunts to try!

Enjoy the great outdoors...

Kelsey Hayes | Occupational Therapist

Join us for our St James' ELC Parent Workshop

We invite you to register for this special opportunity to hear from highly regarded parent and education expert, Di Wilcox. Di specialises in preventative mental health for children. Most recently she won the 2020 United Nations WA Human Rights Award for her work in the development of the Magic Coat Program, a social and emotions wellbeing program for children.

The free workshop will be held in the School Chapel and will cover the following topics:

  • Helping your child to know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy friendship.
  • Helping a child manage time on their own.
  • Helping a child to resolve friendship issues.
  • Understanding the difference between bullying and a friendship issue.
  • Teaching a child to stand up for themselves.
  • How to use The Magic Coat as a tool to build self confidence.

Attendance is free but registration is essential. Please book at TryBooking.

A picture says a thousand words...

Discovering their passions...

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Whatever you are up to over the holidays, keep warm, stay safe and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you back at St James' in Term 3...