Photosynthesis This phenomenon takes place in all green organisms. This is the process of changing the sun's energy to chemical energy that powers life on Earth and supplies our atmosphere with oxygen.

These are pictures alga of cells that contain a lot of chloroplasts. These chloroplasts are basically factories where the production of Oxygen and Carbohydrates occur.
This is a diagram of chloroplast. Notice that there are distinct areas located within the chloroplasts outer membrane.
Thylakoids -the disc like structures Whose membranes are where the light dependent reaction takes place.
Grana -stack of Thylakoids, found inside the chloroplast
STroma- an aqueous solution found inside of the chloroplast and surrounds the thylakoids. This is the Location of Light independent reaction or calvin cycle.

Equation of Photosynthesis:

Water + Carbon Dioxide -------------> Oxygen + Glucose, in the presence of sun light.


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