Good Life Performance By: Jon Falasca

When my friends and I first entered the theatre we looked around and saw everyone anxiously waiting for the play to start. The theatre was practically full and while we were waiting we were all trying to get into the mindset of when the paly was taking place. Once the lights started to dim and the audience quieted down is when I really started to feel immersed in the play experience. Then because of where we were seated when the actors came into the crowed and interacted with the audience they came right up to where we were seating and that gave us a unique experience. Now I feel that place and the good life coincide because the places you go in your life allow you to experience the world in your own way and through these experiences you may be able to obtain your idea of what the good life may be.

Constans Theatre, Reitz Union Jan. 21 2017

When attending this play I went with a few of my friends and to prepare for the play we all went and read the playbill. This way when went entered the theatre we had somewhat of a idea of what we were about to watch. By attending the play the play with my friends we were able to enjoy the play together and discuss it afterwards and this enhanced my experience because talking about the play helped to understand it a lot better. Now to connect shared experiences to the good life I'd have to say that when you share an experience with another person they may be able to see a different viewpoint of that experience and that can broaden your thinking and allow you to be more open about certain ideas or beliefs.

Constans Theatre, Reitz Union Jan. 21 2017

I'd say the central issue that this play addressed was how child labor was enforced at one point in our nation's history and how this affected the children ,as well as, the family of these children. Before going into this play I knew of the issue, but I wasn't aware of any specific details or anything like that. But after watching the performance and seeing the issue through a family's experience it made me aware of how terrible this issue really was, and I was astonished that our country did not do anything to prevent this issue for quite some time. However nothing of the subject matter resembled anything that has happened in my life, but just being brought a new viewpoint on the issue made have more consideration for those who this issue affected.

Constans Theatre, Reitz Union Jan. 21 2017

This play provides us with an opportunity for katharsis because it takes a dark moment in our history and confronts it head on. By doing this the play allows America to own up to some of the mistakes the people of this country made and showed how we were able to turn that dark moment into a turning point after which we came out better than before. In doing this I feel that this play carries a heavy weight since no one really feels comfortable acknowledging anything like this happening, but by showing it to the public it opens up a new viewpoint on this moment in our country's history.

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