Tally Uglies

"Beauty is that Medusa's head. Which men go armed to seek and sever. it is most deadly when most dead. and dead will stare and sting forever. -Archibald MacLeish

About me:

Hello! My name is Tally Youngblood and I'm 16 years old. Recently, I've left my home in Uglyville and set off on a journey to reunite with my friend Shay. I do have another friend named Peris but we haven't talked much since he moved to New Pretty Town. Shay has been my friend since I met her in the forest after last talking to Peris. Shay is very different from Peris. She's free-spirited, anti-pretty, and is okay with the concept of people just being themselves. However, she left recently for a place called the Smoke. And getting there is no easy task

Imagine almost being burned alive in a forest and having to hoverboard across huge cliffs and abandoned Rusty technology. It was probably the worst week of my life. But even after all that I wasn't even in the Smoke for that long.

Special Circumstances came and took all my friends back to the city for their operations. So now I need to find all of my friends and rescue them before it's too late!

Latest Blog Entry:

Today I was able to meet my friend David's parents, Maddy and Az. They used to be cosmetic surgeons and members of the Pretty Committee. We were able to discuss the basics of the operation over tea. I've never been so invested in a conversation in my life. They talked about how after an ugly was operated on, they would find lesions covering their brain. They don't know what they do exactly, but they surely can't be good.

However, not all new pretties have these lesions. Maddy and Az noticed it solely depended on their occupation. People with jobs such as firefighter, warden, doctor, politician, or anyone who is associated with Special Circumstances does not have the lesions however. They dedicated much of their time researching this subject, but got suspicious enough to run away and found the Smoke after Special Circumstances took all of their research data.

It was a lot of information to take in. I'm glad they trusted me with it though. So now I really have to think about my choice between the Smoke and Special Circumstances.

my likes and interests:

  • Riding hoverboards
  • The Smoke
  • David
  • Shay


  • Hoverboarding
  • Playing tricks

song now playing:

Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

Created By: Rylee Spoonemore 8-1-D

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