C, Amy Art 1 Portfolio

My goal card represents me reaching for my goals. This is important to me because I feel that is how I try to live is by setting goals then working to achieve them.
1- 1 point perspective 2- 2 point perspective 3- cone 4- cone and cylinder 5- mannequin 6- contour line drawing 7-cow skull contour 8- value scale 9- 2 cylinders 10- contour hands 11- contour shoe
I had drawn one of the elands and painted another.
I chose to use complimentary colors to represent my appearance as a very mellow and relaxed person on the outside but really I feel I am much more creative and outgoing which is represented by the spontaneous background colors. I only used one main color blue but used different shades to show the detail.
The surreal artist that I chose was Joan Miro. I enjoyed his style of art because of how well it all flows and comes together. His style looks very similar to the way I do my own. I made the wolverines surreal by I making them the size of people. They hold the objects that I included in the art which animals could not do normally. The other objects in the art are surreal because they are being used without being held. I used the principles of art in my work by making the animals and objects guide the eye around the page. The animals and objects of the art all have different values to show how close it is. The art makes sense but is so surreal that it is unusual to see. Everything on this page has a purpose. The piece comes together in a harmony. I could have spent more time on my principles of art included in the piece. The art should come together much smoother to improve the feel.
The images that I had chosen for my piece were a wolverine, a jar, a flashlight, a swamp, and a spyglass. The wolverine represents that I am a closed off person whose concern is only about my own success. The jar represents that I am a closed off person from most others and I do not like to talk to people that I don't want to. The flashlight represents that I like to explore both myself and the world around me, learning new things is fun for me. The swamp was chosen because my name Carson means “son of carr”. A carr is another word for a swamp. The spyglass represents the way I make my decisions because I like to look to how these decisions will affect me later instead of what may seem better in that moment.

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