Oakfield News Issue 60 22nd May 2020

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Note from our Head

It's incredible to think we have already reached half-term, how the time has absolutely flown by! While the new circumstances have certainly played a role in that, I also believe it's a result of the many amazing things the children have managed to accomplish at home, both as part of their remote learning, and in addition to it.

It's made me so incredibly proud to see the independence and thirst for knowledge they have shown even when they haven't physically been able to be at school. A lot of thanks go to everyone for keeping their enthusiasm and motivation up throughout the last few weeks. It is now ever so important to switch off if you can and, on that note, all of us at Oakfield hope you enjoy a restful and well-deserved half-term break.

Moyra Thompson

Years 1-6 Talent Show

It's that time of year again, when our marvellous Oakfield community show their talents.

We have a unique opportunity this year to extend the competition to a wider range of 'acts'. Perhaps you want to show something that you have cooked, or a dance you have choreographed, a piece of music or song you have composed, a poem you have written or a play. You might want to tell some jokes, juggle, do the hula hoop, the choice is yours.

Have a think over half term (and do a bit of practise) then, when half term begins on the 1st June, let me know what you plan to do. The house captains and I will make sure the house leaders (Mr Allen, Miss Francis, Mr Hancock and Miss Marshall) know which 'acts' are ready to audition and we can put 'The Show' together from there.

Email lfidler@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk with your name, class and house and a description of the talent you want to show.

So, don't be shy, apply!


Some lovely examples of exploration and creativity at home and in the garden!


Artistic and baking projects are in full flow!

Year 1

Dear Parents

It has been another very busy week for Year 1 and another half term has passed in the blink of an eye!

A big thank you for sharing all the great activities and learning the children have been involved in this week. It makes us feel part of their learning even if it is in a small way.

A bonus has been the lovely weather we are having at the moment. So many of the children are sending in photographs and sharing with us their experiences of planting fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers and creating lovely artwork.

We concluded our Roald Dahl theme with the Twits this week. Over the last three weeks the children have enjoyed writing character descriptions, designing chocolate bars, making Mr Twits disgusting beard and creating their own Dream jars.

In Topic the children have been researching their family history and telling us a little about their families.

In Mathematics the children continued to work with money and work with change through word problems. Some of the children emailed us to let us know how much fun they had on the ‘money treasure hunt’! We heard some of the children set up ‘shop’ and were selling all sorts of things. The shopkeepers as well as the customers were ensuring they received the correct money or change!

The children are happy they can now see more than four friends at a time on our Teams calls!

After half term we will continue with our Team calls. This will include the children who are in school and those children who are learning from home.

Microsoft Teams meeting week 6:

Wednesday 3rd June 11:15am

Have a lovely half term.

The Year One Team

Spot Mr Twit!

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about Islam in RS this term. Deniz in 2CS handed in some excellent and very interesting work about how Ramadan is celebrated in Turkey, where he lived before moving to London and Oakfield. The YouTube link below is also very interesting!


In Art Year 2 have been creating underwater pictures using mixed media.

Olive and Iris having a terrific turtle time

Year 2 were asked to do a Maths lesson about 3D shapes and if they roll or not. Theodore did a video below

Year 3

Roman these lands...

Year 3 have been learning all about the Roman Invasion of Britain in their humanities lessons. They have learnt all about the Celtic tribes rebellion to the Roman’s attack by fighting back and keeping rule over their land. This week in English, the children were asked to write a speech from Boudicca's perspective. Boudicca was the leader of the Iceni tribe and she tried to encourage the Celts to work together and fight back to protect their land and human rights. Ophelia in 3CF even dressed up for the occasion and attached a picture to her speech!

Inspiring stuff!

In Maths this week, Y3 have been revising their knowledge of fractions. Sebastian used an apple to show his understanding of equivalent fractions. For example one half of an apple being the same proportion of the apple as eight sixteenths. Well done for being so creative and visual with your maths learning! And he did a very detailed advert for a Roman Bath using his ICT skills.

Bathtime never looked more complicated!

Year 4

Charlie in 4SN has done some fantastic learning and has made his science lessons on The Human Body into a mini TV series. Each week a superhero joins Charlie to teach us about moving and growing. This week's hero is 'Super-Muscle.' Be sure to watch to the end for a blooper!

While in 4JM the following things have been going on (and special mention to Ayla's great Tudor painting at the top of the Newsletter!):

Mimi has made a brilliant model to demonstrate how the muscles and bones work in the arm for her Science learning on the Human Body
Yannick has been making his own project about Soap. He has made lots of different types of soap and written instructions on how to do it. He has also researched the History and Science behind soap.
Timmy and his brother Daniel (2MF) have made their own mini greenhouse at home and have been planting geraniums
Timmy has been writing and designing his own Zombie comic at home
Cosmo was awarded Roll of Honour for the published version of his English story.

Year 5

5JA had some challenges to complete this week:

For VE Day design a St George flag using food.
Challenge to fold isosceles triangles and make a pattern- this is from Charles

In RS this week, they were finding out about a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Phoenix knows what's what!

One of the activities 5AZ have been up to to show during our teams call is a scavenger hunt

Year 6


As part of this week's assignment on evolution of life, Year 6 have been investigating fungi.

Please find below fungi that Sophie C found growing in her compost bin, a book about fungi written by William's grandad and a factsheet from Niah

Fungi in action!

And some peacocking from Sophie and Tess!


A lovely poem from Holly in Year 4!
First half of a great play from Charles in 5AZ worthy of a Roll of Honour


Sketching Challenge: Become a Painting

This week we had some great portrait contributions. The full gallery will go onto our Oakfield Flickr account but here are a few entries below - can you guess who they are?

We thought we'd try something different this week and invite you to take part in The Creativity Cup Challenge. To join in you need to re-create a famous art work, it could be a painting, print, drawing or a sculpture, take a photo of it and send it into the gallery.

You will have two weeks to create your piece for submission, so plenty of time to research an art work you would like to re-imagine and think of how you might go about it.

Here are a couple of examples below:

Please make sure you send a copy of the original piece along with your own submission, name and class, to go into the gallery by Friday 5th June.

Have fun and get creating!

Mrs Fidler


Half Term Inspiration

We have previously shared links for a number of sports websites featuring lots of daily and weekly exercises and challenges. Stay active this half term and enjoy whatever you're doing in a safe way.

We have found this great new site as well with great challenges and certificates you can win for all ages:

Find a race from Jacob and Freddie

We saw in a newsletter a few weeks ago that Mr Bower had signed up to do a Virtual Run Challenge on findarace.com. We had a look and thought we'd do one too.

We both signed up to run 50km over 30 days (100km in total between us). Jacob finished today and Freddie just has 7.9km to go (he registered a few days after Jacob).

All profits from our entry fees went to the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and we have also set up a justgiving.com page so we can raise a bit of extra money for Mind.


Birthdays and House Points

This week's birthdays are:

  • 19th Laila UFSP
  • 20th Rosie 6JW, Musa 2MF and Usman 2CS
  • 21st Leonardo 4JM
  • 22nd Archie UFWN
  • 23rd Edward 5NA and Ophelia 3CF


  • 25th Genevieve UFSP and Ugo LFKS
  • 27th Isabella PNF
  • 28th Noah UFKT
  • 30th Hester 2CS

House Points are as follows:

  • Baird -10,441
  • Pearsall -10,711
  • Ruskin - 9,851
  • Webster - 10,102

Roll of Honour

Cosmo (4JM) - English

Charles (5AZ) - Playwriting

Charlie H (Y6) - Writing

Anna C (Y6) - Writing

Edie S (Y6) - Writing


Created with images by Michel Catalisano - "Female violinist at a concert" • Tim Bennett - "untitled image" • Masaaki Komori - "untitled image" • Jared Rice - "A palm located in Nassau, Bahamas" • Aziz Acharki - "untitled image" • Virginia Choy - "The Roman Baths" • Robert Keane - "untitled image" • Wayne M. - "Multicoloured Bunting" • Giorgio Trovato - "untitled image" • Annie Spratt - "Child completing maths homework" • @plqml // felipe pelaquim - "untitled image" • sydney Rae - "untitled image" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake" • 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum - "untitled image"