Ibstock Community College Newsletter - September 2020


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Friends,

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that this finds you all safe and well during these uncertain times.

Autumn has well and truly arrived this week and we have experienced our first indoor lunch break which ran particularly smoothly. Our students behaved safely and sensibly, remaining in the main hall, eating their lunch and chatting with their friends. I particularly enjoy taking the opportunity to chat with our students about their day and they are always so polite and respectful. They really are a credit to you and to the college. I am very proud of them.

Mr Mason and I visited all of the Oak, Elm and Rowan classrooms this week and witnessed an extremely high level of focus and engagement from the majority of our students. It was wonderful to see the high level of challenge and engagement across all areas of the curriculum. The college is very calm and orderly around the site which is lovely but I do enjoy the sheer buzz of learning when you walk into a classroom. It is magical.

On that note this week we would normally have opened our doors to any prospective Year 6 parents who are preparing to make the important decision; choosing their child’s secondary school. It is always an exciting evening when we can really celebrate all of the elements that make Ibstock Community College such a great place to study and to work. This year, because of the Covid-19 restrictions we have prepared a variety of resources to create a virtual Open evening. Please click on the link and share with any friends or family who may be interested https://www.ibstockcollege.co.uk/virtual-open-evening-2020 .

Please see below a letter from the government and the NHS which is useful should your child/children show symptoms of Covid-19. There is also additional information on our website.

Take care

Mrs Williams

Head of school

Introducing Ms Scott – Assistant Principal – Behaviour and Attendance and English Teacher

Hi all-thank you for such a warm welcome to Ibstock CC! After seventeen years primarily working in city schools with large cohorts and over forty languages spoken, Ibstock is a fresh challenge and friendly home to settle into.

In my first month at ICC, I’ve been surrounded by helping hands, showing me the ropes and showing no frustration at repeating the same answers several times. Changing schools in the midst of a world pandemic has added another element to the word ‘challenge’ and I’ve been really impressed at how everyone at ICC has pulled together to make a really difficult situation work for our school community. I’ve had the pleasure of settling into my lessons and getting to know our students-it’s so good to be back in the classroom, I really appreciate our students’ enthusiasm for learning! I’ve also had the pleasure of already meeting some of our families and can honestly say it is lovely to work with parents who share the same vision in supporting and educating the children of Ibstock Community College. I look forward to more opportunities in the future to get to work with the different sectors of our school community.

Stay safe.

Ms Scott

Year 7 Summer Transition Work

Well done to all of our Year 7 students who have produced a wealth of exceptional transition work over the summer. Students will receive feedback and certificates for their efforts and we will be displaying some of the fabulous work around the college. We will also celebrate via Twitter and students will receive Superstar awards and perhaps a coveted Superstar phone call home.


We’re really impressed with our students’ excellent start back to school this term. ICC’s attendance is well above the current national average and we recognise and appreciate everyone’s resilience in the face of adversity. Well done Ibstock!

Curriculum Update

Teaching and learning

Students have very quickly settled into the new academic year with lots of excellent learning taking place in all subjects across our three year groups.

There has been a lot of hard work from teachers and faculties to ensure that our students continue to receive the highest quality knowledge rich curriculum. We are proud that we are able to offer our full broad and balanced curriculum, that gives students access to every subject that they would usually have. By being able to continue with our full curriculum, students will be as prepared as ever to be successful in their academic lives both now and in the future.

GL assessment

In response to not having access to Y6 SATS scores, the college has invested in a package called GL Assessment. Over the coming weeks, this nationally recognised assessment will give us an accurate picture of where each of our Y7 and Y8 students are in their learning.

The GL assessment package will give us information on reading, spelling, Maths, English, Science and attitudes to learning. We will then be able to target our intervention support effectively. These assessments will be completed on a computer and do not require any form of revision. All that your child will need is some headphones to complete the tests.

The GL assessment will give us nationally verifiable information as the tests are completed by schools all over the country. This is something we have not had before and it means our ability to judge student progress is greatly improved. We will of course, communicate the feedback of the GL assessments to parents when they are completed.

Knowledge Organisers and 20:20:20 homework

Further explanation of 20:20:20 homework and examples of best practice can be found on our website. This is also where you will find Knowledge Organisers for all subjects and the schedule students should follow -https://www.ibstockcollege.co.uk/homework

Mr Mason

Mrs Barbers Year 7 Summer Book Review

Well done to all of the children who took up the challenge to write a review of their favourite summer read. Mrs Barber enjoyed reading them all and after much contemplation she has decided on the following winners:

Tahlia Eames Morris

Lilly Appleby

Lily Beniston

Each winner takes with them a Superstar award (10 achievement points) and a book token.

Please continue to encourage and support your child/ren in their reading. Over the year there will be a number of events across the college for all students to get involved in so that they all reap the benefits that reading brings.


All Year 7 students will have had their Bookbuzz introduction in their English lesson this week.. Bookbuzz is an exciting initiative from Book Trust to encourage students in their reading. The research behind this programme has shown that the transition from primary to secondary school is a crucial time when formative attitudes towards reading develop.

The students now have a week to think about their choice of book – a book they get to keep at no cost to you. Next week (w/c 28th September) their tutor will ask them to make their choice from the books.

It’s a huge scheme with lots of schools participating so we don’t know when the books will arrive except that it will be before Christmas.

Please use the link below so you can have a look at the titles available and help them decide what suits them best :


Happy reading

Mrs Barber

Be vigilant – Stranger Danger

Unfortunately, a small number of incidents have been brought to our attention. Please reiterate with all of your children the dangers of speaking to strangers and what they must do if they should ever be approached. We are also reiterating this message through our tutor time activities. We will continue to work together to protect our students.

Technology and Internet access parent survey

In order to ensure that the college’s remote learning provision is accessible for all could I please ask you to complete the following survey no later than Friday 2 October 2020. Please click on the link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=VPmWoUyaJUWlwBmAnSHcl7hB2SJdwCFNpVPyV0f7dm9UNTk5V0xVTzVMQ0ZBTlNMTU8wNjQyOUhMVS4u

Year 7 Artwork

Miss Moore is extremely proud of the amazing artwork that Year 7 have created. This Andy Warhol inspired group piece will be framed and on display in Oak for all of our students to enjoy. It shows great resilience that despite not being able to work in the art room with the usual resources, beautiful artwork can still be created in the classroom in the safety of the bubble – fantastic!

Future Direction and Developments 2020 -2022

As many of you will know, it has long been our desire to work collaboratively with other partner schools and to bring about age range change in our area so that Ivanhoe College/Ibstock Community College can extend our provision for students by becoming an 11-16 school.

Lots of planning has been going on in the background for some time with the governing board and senior leaders keen to make this change for the benefit of all children and families in the area. This change would bring us into line with all other secondary schools in Leicestershire and most schools across the country.

We want to work together with local secondary schools with the aim of the highest quality of education across the whole area. We have looked carefully at the options, concentrating on local successful MATs that share our values, ambition and approach to education.

Multi academy trust and age range change – LiFE MAT (www.lifemultiacademytrust.org.uk)

We are pleased to be able to tell you that our preferred MAT is LiFE Multi Academy Trust, based at Bosworth Academy in Desford. We have been in discussion with them over the last year, together with Ivanhoe College/Ibstock Community College.

We firmly believe that joining LiFE MAT will provide significant benefits to Ivanhoe College/ Ibstock Community College and there will be a range of educational and professional opportunities created, including the implementation of age range change.

Look out for our consultation information coming soon …

There are obviously various formal and legal processes to go through and a full consultation with staff, parents and all community stakeholders, and a thorough due diligence process, will be an important part of this. However, we thought it right to give you the information at an early stage and more information will follow within the next month.

Our provisional intended timescale for changes, subject to the formal processes being in place, is to join LiFE MAT within this academic year 2020-21, and to work towards age range change being implemented as soon as is possible which could be from Autumn 2022 or 2023. I must stress this is an aspirational timescale and therefore subject to change.

Yours faithfully,

Anne-Marie Blewitt

Executive Headteacher

Alternative for Year 7 Tutor Evening

Due to the current restrictions, unfortunately we will not able to hold our Year 7 Tutor Evening in the usual way. Details of how staff will communication with you about how your child is settling into Ibstock Community College will be shared with you next week.

Music - Headphones

As we begin to reintegrate further practical music making into the curriculum, you may wish for your son/daughter to bring into school for use in their music lessons headphones or earphones to plug into the keyboards. The jack needs to be 3.5mm and is the same size as the older iPhone model headphones.

Parent Lite

Please ensure you have activated your Parent Lite account and keep your child's information upto date. If you have not received an activation email please contact icc.admin@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Please take time to look through each tab and update information as required. It is especially important to ensure contact details are up to date, consent information is correct and any medical details or dietary needs are recorded accurately.

Contacting the college

Email: icc.admin@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Website: www.ibstockcollege.co.uk

Upcoming Dates

October half term - Friday 16 October - Friday 23 October