My Goals for 2017! (In "SMART" Format)

Goal #1: To be healthier. S: To be specific, I will watch what I eat and drink every weekday, not on the weekends. M: To measure this goal, I should be seeing results like clearer skin or some weight loss. A: I am going to make this attainable by asking my Mom to help me by watching me for cheat meals. R: To make this goal of mine a tad more realistic, I will be checking weekly for improvements in my body. T: This goal is going to be timely because I am going to be checking for progress.

Goal #2: To focus and to do my best in school. S: Specifically speaking, I have to pick my grades up a lot so I can get scholarships in my senior year. M: In order to measure this goal of mine, I am going to have to be asking for progress reports often. A: This goal is attainable, I just have to learn to better manage my time and i'll be good. R: In order to make this goal realistic, I am going to be comparing progress reports every time I ask for them. T: Timely means I have between here and halfway through my senior year to complete this.

Goal #3: Learn how to manage my money. S: To be more specific, I would like to learn how to spend some money but save some money at the same time. M: To measure this goal, I am going to do some research on how to budget and I am going to follow the steps given. A: To attain this, I am going to actually save some money while spending not a lot. R: To make this realistic, I am going to ask my dad to watch me and remind me that I should be budgeting. T: To time myself, I am going to set a deadline, and by that deadline I should have a certain amount of money saved up.

Goal #4: Listen to a lot of music this year. S: To be more specific, I want to listen to music all the time because music gives me life. M: To measure this, I am going to add every new song that I like to my music library to always be prepared. A: Attainability is going to be fairly easy, I can just play a curated playlist and every song that I like, I can add it to my library. R: This is going to be realistic because I always have my phone and my music app open. T: To time myself, I am going to try and find a new artist every month.

Goal #5: Do my very best in Tennis. S: Specifically, I want to always be at practice every day and to always win! M: To measure this, my coach is going to be on everyone to stay for practice everyday. A: To attain this, I am going to make sure and bring my practice clothes everyday and to be ready by eight period. R: This is going to be realistic because I am going to be checking for score improvements throughout the school year. T: To time my myself, I am going to stay for practice an hour and a half or two hours every day.

Goal #6: To drink more water. S: I specifically want to drink 125oz. of water every day. M: To measure this amount I divided my weight by half and that is how much water I should be drinking. A: This goal is easily attainable I just need to pace myself. R: Realistic? Yes. very Much. T: I want to time myself by documenting how much water I drink a day.


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