Robotics The relationship between robotics and video games


On this Spark Page, many ideas will be explained about Video Games and Technology like the connection between the present day and their past as well as the different forms they take. Also, this page will incorporate the fact that the relationship between both of these topics are actually a hand-in-hand deal. No one topic is more important than the other when working together.

"Over the past 40 years, a synergistic evolution of robotics and video game-like programming...has occurred" ASU (Arizona State University)

to start out with examples of what's in this article, last year, Anki released their new Hot-Wheel style racing game with a bit of a twist and with something nobody had really done before. The game used robotic cars on a build-able electronic track. The game is played using your smartphone and Bluetooth and can be played both single and multiplayer. When making the game Anki hired people who specifically worked in the gaming industry, like Joby Otero the former Creative Director for Skylanders, to help create the game, its mechanics, and its detail.

Another product and/or idea involves the Xbox Kinect. If you didn't already know, the Xbox Kinect is (or was) a sort of sensor that you connected to your Xbox 360 system which could then sense your movements and project them on screen for "immersive gameplay". Though a lot of the gaming community has lost interest in it and its games, robotics has just gotten started with programmable robots that move around your house even to outer space research and protection.

Finally, Sarcos, a military and entertainment robot company, specializes in animatronics which they either create for competition, military, or for entertainment companies to use in their parks like Disney. Sarcos, I believe, is an example of Robotics giving to Video Games with ideas and creations.

Thesis: Though one topic may seem like a bad coming and the other a marvel, both are required if we to have the future the past and the present expect and deserve.

Anki is a huge lead in the video-robotics area of both the video game and robotics industries. For example, their new game that hit the market in 2015 incorporates both qualities and quantities of Video Games and Robotics like characters, modes, game modes, and more! In the interactive racing game, you control a robotic car with your smartphone on an electronic track. While racing on this electronic track you face either friend or foe AI "Commanders" with their own personalities and voices as well as robotic car to pilot. During the race players and AI "Commanders" can fire car-specific weapons to throw the other either off the track or into a spin! And, Just like any good racing game, during the races different music plays to add to the excitement and when the racers reach the final lap the music speeds up egging on the racers to score 1st and "beat the stink'n AI finally"! To make this game with all of its attributes, creativity, and connections Anki hired people from companies like EA and Activision (Former Creative Director for Skylanders, Joby Otero for example) to create qualities like music, characters, story, game modes, and more.

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