The Making Of "Forest Killer" vidiomas 2016

  • Hello everyone, in this post we are going to talk about our experience as a team in the making of our vidiomas. here you are going to find the opinion of all the actors an actresses and some bloopers too. But first i´ll explain who is who so it would be easier to understand when i talk aboute the actors
  • Adrian Velez as Adrian Smith, the FBI guy
  • Said Torres as The Detective
  • Mario Sanchez as Adrian´s minion
  • Paola Rodríguez as Chanel #1
  • Sasil Orozco as Chanel #3
  • Catalina Zenteno as Chanel #5
  • Luis Chong as Mr. Taco

And here is the vidiomas

As you can see there is a particular scene where we switch the camera shot, well there is when we start with the bloopers or mistakes of the vidiomas. First, if you stop the video at the minute 2:16 you´ll see a random guy peeing at the back, then at the minute 5:31 you´ll see that the killer thows the victim, well... we decided to let the music going because Adrian actually throws Sasil because he said he couldn`t resist her anymore and if we play the video without the music everyone would be able to listen to her complaining. And another thing that happen is in the minute 6:35 you`ll see at the back that there is all the cast of Forest Killer watching how are we recording and its really embarrassing because we didnt realize until we showed the video to one of our friend and he told us. And finally the funniest blooper is when Said slap himself with a tree trying to make a "cool" scene and according to his words, "it was worth it".( But i did find the video so i wasnt able to put it).

Here is our trailer


  • Chanel #5: Well, when we were filming the movie, we have a lot of funny moments like my punch with the bag or when Said slap his face with the tree. But my favorite part is that i was the director of this film and it felt very good directing my friends; also i made all the scenes of the movie, with the help of some of my friends, and i made the edition of all the scenes with iMovie, and it wasnt that hard so i recommend it ;).
  • Chanel #3: I think that my experience was good and bad, the good part was that i spend time with my friends and i had a lot of fun making the scenes but the bad part is that it was my first time making a vidiomas and i wasn`t sure if it would end up being a good vidiomas and in some scenes where i had to lay on the ground ad it was full of dry leafs in which i found a spider the first time i lay down.
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