After a long period of time I would back to my little hut surrounding by hills and different shades and sizes of grass. a little boy along with his mother would wait for me since my I had been visited to them last time. I was tired even exhausted, and my silence spoke everything to them when I would met them. the path of destiny was moving, I would be the only traveller who would have not been finished the journey. The path that went to my cotttage was a herb of natural beauty where the sun lulled its shines to them and loved them affectionately, where the moon slept them all on her lap and brimmed her nocturnal beauty. I were a monk, roaming around my little hut but finding nothing. I would come back to my lasting place to bloom my deserted life. My life had taken me out to roam, to move beyond the world of grace, beauty and solitude of them. oh Gog please let me do to recognize me and my identity, to play with my little son of buddha. Sitting on the lap of his mother seems to me a great bliss of solitude of the natural beauty, whose tranquility soothe my burden wife who had not seen the beauty. I wanted to be there to be free, to be jovial. Departed me from the world of sordidness and let me be lulled with the essence of the natural aroma and the sweet smile of them so that I would seen the smile of THEE, THY LOVE AND CARENESS.....................


Created with images by Andrea Schaffer - "Hooker Valley Track"

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