Flappers: One of the Decade's Most Rebellious Teenagers

The four young women in the picture are rebelling against tradition as they are dressed in short dresses.

One of the Biggest Passtimes

A large amount of people gather to see a movie.

One of the Most Respected Actors of the Era (1920s)

Charlie Chaplin gave himself the reputation of being an extraordinary actor in the 1920s as his silent films always had an emotional affect on his viewers.

A Popular Game in the 1930s

Hoop rolling (as seen in the picture) was a very common event to be seen at fundraisers, specifically in the beginning of the 1930s.

The Fire Side Chat

During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt would air on the radio and communicated with the county's people to calm them about the economy.

One of the Most Popular books of the '20s

Gone with the Wind was a very well known novel written in the 1930s as it told the story about a family’s migration from the Great Plains to California.

The Start of Dust Storms

A severe dust storm has occurred in the Midwest and is about to cause destruction to the houses in this particular area.

A Town for the Worst of the Struggling

The town in the picture was only one of many Hoovervilles; towns that were occupied by the people who struggled the most during the Great Depression.

How The Wealthy Lived during the Great Depression

This family was able to “make do” telling by how clean they are and still having ownership of their house.

The Rise in Bank Failures

As shown from the graph, banks struggled to prevent their failures as the graph reads that bank failures increased (1929 to 1931), decreased in 1932, and then reached a large increase by 1933.

Where the Poor got Food

What appears to be mostly men have made a long line for the soup kitchen to get food for themselves and or family.

Work During the Great Depression

People who were unemployed often found work for themselves selling apples.

U.S. Economy from 1920s to 1930s

The chart shows how well the economy was doing from the 1920s throughout the 1930s.

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