Blessings of Industrial Development By: Naomi Solomon Hour 4

Background Information:

There have been been many changes to the U.S due to rapid industrial development. Industrialization started when the technology and economy has advanced. Industrialization had many outcomes, some good and some bad. It led to the boosting of the economy which led to more jobs. More jobs led to job opportunities for women and for immigrants and the population increased. It was a chain reaction and new technology and inventions were also an effect of rapid industrialization. The society has changed and it changed into a rural area. Rapid industrial development was a blessing because of improved transportation, population growth /immigration, and the U.S also became the leading exporter of cotton.

A Railroad being built


Improved transportation is a blessing for rapid industrial development. The building of railroads and boats helped trade and export or import many goods. Before railroads were built, trading was difficult for the U.S and it was also expensive. When the railroad was built it was a cheap and faster way of transporting goods. The railroad industry helped with cotton industry and other goods, exporting and importing. The railroad industry was a blessing for industrial development because it helped with trading which helped the economy.

Popualtion/immigration increase

Population has increased

In addition to improved transportation, the population growth/immigration increasing is another reason why rapid industrial development is a blessing. In Ireland the potato famine started in 1845, and millions of Irish families left Ireland to come to America. The immigration population increased and Ireland was the largest group of immigrants to come to the U.S. and German was the second largest group. The increase of immigration led to the popualtion increasing as well which is good for the U.S. The increase of the population led to the expansion of cities and factories. The expansion of factories meant more job opportunities for women and immigrants.

Leading Exporter of Cotton:

The invention of the cotton gin

Lastly, we became the leading exporter of cotton because of industrial development. Before, when cotton was made it took many days to pick the seeds from the fibers. Then in 1793, the Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney. The Cotton Gin is a machine that is designed to separate cotton seeds from the cotton fibers. The Cotton Gin has improved the economy greatly helping the industry, from prior knowledge the Cotton Gin could do the work of 50. Since the Cotton Gin was invented the cotton industry also went up, it impacted the South which the two main crops are tobacco and cotton. The U.S became the leading exporter of cotton which is a blessing because it helped the economy and the profits went up.

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