Trump For A Day Neo-rome Arrives

The solar system, living beings, and civilizations are subject to the laws of the universe. One such law is the second law of thermodynamics which states all systems, over time, will have an increasing level of entropy, or chaos. Another law, which stems from the first and second laws of thermodynamics, is that all systems wish to move to its lowest energy state. For our solar system, this will be the point in time when the sun engulfs the system and turns it back to its constituent parts. For living beings, this is the point when they die. For the US, this was the point when they decided to be governed by Donald Trump.

Okay, I was probably engaging in a bit of truthiness and, as I plan to continue using it, as well as some post-truth, it might be a good time for a disclaimer. I really like the idea of a disclaimer, especially the one Google offers as a definition:

Also, using a disclaimer will be useful if I hope to save some legal expenses later on down the road. So, here goes:

I wish to deny everything that I have said before and will say after this point in time because it was and will be false.


Owing to the fact that it is false, I don’t want to bear any responsibility.

Some of you will probably ask why I wouldn’t just tell the truth and that is a good point. It takes far too much time and energy to find out if something is true and I have come to the conclusion that every truth is a lie waiting to be uncovered. So, it is a waste of time, and therefore money, to bother with looking for the truth. Instead, I have decided to practice the oratory arts of truthiness, post-truth, and trumpiness, which are invaluable in the new world of social media and plastic democracy. I am not looking for the truth. I am looking for patterns that have been left in the sands of time and will just present them to you, the reader, like an old cat bringing the prize of a dead mouse to your feet. You can do the hard work of sifting through the litter of truthiness, post-truth, and trumpiness to find your own diamonds of truth.


For a better, and more entertaining, view on "truthiness", "post-truth" and "trumpiness", please watch some Stephen Colbert videos.

Hail Caesar!

I have long felt that the US would need to follow the path of Rome. At some point, the inefficiency of the so called democratic government (NOTE: The US and Ancient Rome aren’t examples of true democracies - more on that later), with it's dithering congress and senate, swamp of lobbyists, and pandering mob, would fall prey to a Neo Caesar such as Trump. Trump is no Caesar. He is a Caesar salad made of wilting lettuce, soggy croutons and rancid dressing. But, this is America, a land with no real history and an overinflated sense of self. Their heroes’ plant apple seeds and cut down cherry trees (not true) but don't lie about it (if the first isn’t true hard to say the second is nothing more than truthiness). Therefore, the leader that will take them from a fading democracy (pseudo democratic republic) to a military republic needs to be made of plastic for it to fit the American mold, and what better person than a real estate salesman turned reality TV star and producer.

Again, Trump is no Julius Caesar nor was he close to any of the great Emperors of Rome such as Augustus or Marcus Aurelius, but I suppose he could be compared to someone like Tiberius who ruled from 14 AD to 37 AD. Here is a description of Tiberius from a website (so, it must be true):

Tiberius sank into morbid suspicion of everyone around him: he retreated to the island of Capri and revived the ancient accusation of maiestas (treason) and used it to sentence to death anyone he suspected. Roman historians Suetonius and Tacitus give us a picture of Tiberius living on Capri as a depraved sexual predator, which may owe more to colourful imagination than to fact, though he certainly made use of a sheer drop into the sea to dispose of anyone he took issue with.

Or, perhaps Gaius, better known as Caligula who ruled after Tiberius:

Gaius (‘Caligula, or ‘little bootee’ – a childhood nickname given him by his father's troops) is best known for a series of eccentric actions, such as declaring war on the sea and proclaiming himself a god.

It is obviously over dramatic to pronounce that a Neo Rome and Neo Caesar has arrived, but I did tell you that I believe in truthiness. And, in that vein, I predict Trump will be known as the president who ushered in a new era of American government which will lay the strength of governing with the military. Yes, I know, how is that different from before? It is going to get worse.

And, it should be noted that Julius Caesar's rise lay in part with the support of the working class of Rome which was how Trump's rise to power was facilitated. Trump knew of the dissatisfaction within the ranks of the working class, especially the demographic resembling the color of mashed potatoes and he played them like a cheap fiddle. Although Caesar had a genuine interest in the poor, Trump's interest only lay in the need to vacuum their votes into electoral college victories.

Not A Democracy

America is not a democracy. In fact, there has never been a democracy. And even if there had been an example of a democracy it wouldn’t have lasted long enough to merit being written about. People can’t agree on what types of pizzas to order much less make any effective decisions regarding the governing of society. Democracy in its purest form is mob rule and quickly devolves into anarchy of the biggest man holding the biggest stick who eventually is murdered in his sleep by the next biggest man with the next biggest stick. Democracy is a Santa Claus myth created to keep all the little children happy and willing to work hard for the dream of society.

The closest thing the world has ever seen regarding democracy would be 5th century Athens and the people allowed to vote in that system was only 10-20 percent of the population (a similar percentage to that at the onset of the so called American democracy…IT’S A REPUBLIC!). The next closest example is the Roman Republic, which America bases their republic upon. In the Roman Republic, the upper class, through various means, held sway over the decisions of who would get elected and what would get done. The senate itself was an appointed body and for the vast majority of its existence was controlled by members of the aristocracy. So, not that much different from the USA, the United States of Aristocracies, which is a beautiful illusion, tuned to the frequency of capital concentration.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss

Unfortunately, we will be fooled again and again. We can't escape the rules of the universe and one of the most important rules is that shit runs downhill. So, best put on your running shoes and start climbing if you don't like the smell or wear some google glasses and protest out on virtual main street. The world is heading for some big changes, but in retrospect it will be just a footnote.

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