Alvin York By Jackson Davis and Michael Montgomery


Alvin Cullum York was born on December 13, 1887, in Pall Mall, TN. He came from a family of ten siblings. His family was supported farming. They also got a lot of food through hunting. York was an excellent shot. He had also been known as a trouble maker. People said he was annoying and that he would never be great. This changed in 1915 he converted his religion, and as a result he became a Christian. In 1917 he was drafted into the military. York opposed the idea saying his religion was against it but he was denied safety. York was assigned to the 82nd infantry division. York arrived to France for duty in May 1918. He later served in Mihiel in September 1918. There he would have to go against his religion and fight.

Courageous Act

During the Meuse Argon offensive Alvin and 16 of his men fired at a German machine gun nest. Before he had any time to react 9 men died. York didn't want to retaliate but he had to in order to save his men and himself. York continued to shoot down the men. When his men saw him doing this they stayed and helped York fight. Six German soldiers charged at him with bayonets. To protect his men he shot them all down with his .45 pistol. He advanced toward the German nest. The German misjudged the size of York's troop, because of this, he surrendered 90 men to about 6. After this he returned to the ally base and on his way there he and his men captured about 40 more German soldiers.


York's story has inspired us to go out of our comfort zones. Being in war is a lot tougher than normal lives. Some of us struggle with things like homework, self doubt, and sports. We need to realize that God is stronger than our biggest problems.

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