How to Draw A Bird

Step 1. Draw a small oval with a point.

Step 2. Now draw another larger oval attatched to the first.

Step 3. Draw two thin triangles that jut out from the second oval.

Step 4. Now draw a triangle-shaped tail along with an eye and two circular feet under the second oval.

Step 5. Draw a straight line inside the beak.

Step 6. Erase a few lines and add detail.

Step 7. Now draw feathers on the wings and the tail.

Step 8. Your bird should now look like this.

Step 9. Shade and add more details to your bird. VoilĂ ! Your bird should look like this.

Here is another bird to draw.

If the link does not work, watch the video below.


Created with images by bewegtbildgestalter - "bird"

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