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Black & Gold

Recent stills rendered by @Lawlez

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I allways try new things and explore world of 3D. Like in this example when trying to create realistic human hair in Cinema 4D.

Pantone colors

This is a picture of my Pantone Color series in wich i used the color of the day for the whole image. This one is serenity.


Landscape have allways been my favorite thing to do, this one is from earlier this year and was modeled by hand. Since november i am using wordlmachine to build my landscapes and import them into C4D for rendering.


I like displacements, they can be used in a very artsy way that lets you create cool abstract art.

Interior Design

Researching the art of interior design. Practicing the ney aquired Octane Render.

Where it started

I started educating myself in 3D in 2011 and been loving it ever since.

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