Rome Geography by: James yahr

The Apennines

The Apennines mountains impacted the settlement of Rome because unlike other mountains they were easier to cross so that the people could be more united and not feel like they are separated from each other, unlike in Greece witch was the opposite.

Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Seas

These seas were important to the settlement of the Romans because with lots of water they could more easily fish for food, and also could have more counties to trade with without having to traverse mountains or walk on land and could also get there faster by boat.

The Tiber River

The Tiber river was a very important river in the settlement of Rome. When Rome started building the city of Rome they built it 15 miles from the Tiber river. This gave them a good source of water for drinking and also a way to get to the rest of the Mediterranean sea.

The Alps

The Alps also affected the settlement of the Romans because the Alps was a natural barrier so when people settled they would have the seas on one side of them and then they would have hard to traverse mountains on the other side for more protection. With this protection it allowed Rome to settle anywhere where they would not feel like they could be attacked easily.


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