The Renaissance Arturo betancourt

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road help spark the Renaissance is that the mongols made the roads safer for the travelers and the tradings that the mongols took over city's . "The mongols once again made the roads safer for the travelers and trading (Holt 299)". That the mongols had Mede it safer for the people that go places so they will not get killed or get robbed because travelers get killed when they travel. Sum it up, people had Made many things safe for the people that do hard work.

Italian Trade Cities-Florence

Medici Family

The statue was made by the Medici family it describe art work they did. The paragraph that is describing the education of the Medici family. The towns and houses is describing the architecture of the Medici family. The banking is describing how they bank with the Medici family.

Rediscovery The past (Greek and Roman

Greek and Roman help shape the development by making a three branch government and we are also republic for the people. So they had made a way better environment for the renaissance. To sum it up the renninsance needed to make these changes.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The article is about the leanardo how he started. He has many artwork paintings also he has created a good painting in the church. He has stated doing paintings for many years.

Micheal Angelo

This video is about how his life went on also how the impact on his artwork. Like what type of paintings he did in his life time he is one of the most famous artist in the renesance period.

Paper and Printing( Johann Getenberg

All of these pictures describe the event of the paper pressing they had to do a lot of work before doing the printing. The first is describing that's the amount of people it takes to work in the paper printing.

This paper printing spreader along to the Middle East so it had went along the Middle it had spreader to long places.

Renaissance Writting(William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writting reflected humanism since, "people enjoy the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his under standing of humanity" (Holt 317). This relate to humanism because humanist believed in the worth and polical of all Individuals Shakespeare Writting attract many people because he wrote a lot of stuff like comedies also tragedies and histories. To explain that Shakespeare is the greatest English language wriiter. To sum it up Shakespeare had wrote many things and he is the greatest writter in English Lauguage.

This describe the things he wrote

Young men's love lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes(From Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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