Athens and Sparta How they are different and alike


  • Cared about the mind and the spirit when it came to education
  • Boys were taken by the city state at age 7 to be taught and stayed in barracks until age 18 when they joined the military
  • At age 30 boys were allowed to marry but could not have other jobs nor trade.
  • At age 60 the male retired and a younger boy took the elder`s place in the military
  • Women could not leave the house unless supervised by a male
  • Women did not need to be supervised when visiting girlfriends or during religious cereamonies
  • Athens is located in northern Greece


  • When a baby was born, the government officials tested the baby to see if the baby is weak or strong. If weak, the baby was left somewhere on the mountains surrounding Sparta to die. If strong, the baby was kept where it was born until age 7. That is when the boy is taken to the barracks until age 18.
  • Males at the barracks were not allowed to speak unless they had permission to, were starved so that they could learn to steal food without anyone noticing, and were beaten if they broke any rules.
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