Project 3 By: Jeremy jeung

SOLIDWORKS design 3D Print

DFM stands for design for manufacturing, which is what project 3 is focused on. This project relied on the creativity of designing ideas to be made from a specific machine. The designs were fit for the different machines that were able to complete the task at hand. to create the ideas for the project all students needed to design their creation to be used on a specific machine and be designed for the way the machine worked.


This project used different types of manufacturing to complete the tasks at hand. The SRM-20 milling machine and the versa laser used subtraction manufacturing. Meanwhile the 3D printers the form labs 2 and the maker-bot used additive manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing takes a material and cuts off of it to make the part needed. Meanwhile additive manufacturing takes nothing as a base and builds from there up to its completion.

For the completion of this project specific machines had to be used. The machines were the SRM-20, Form-labs 2, Maker-bot, and the versa laser cutter. The SRM-20 was a wood milling machine used to cut out a design within 2 axis' of the design. The form-labs 2 and maker-bot are both 3D printers however they used different methods to print. The maker-bot used a coloured filament that was heated and extruded onto a build plate until it cooled to build its parts. Where as the Form-Labs 2 printer used a clear resin tank and cured the resin with UV light to print in layers. The maker-bot produced parts faster than the form labs however the form-labs printer had a higher quality in the print.

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