Napoleon's Three Mistakes by rebekah and Leorah, 4th hour, meyer

The Continental System: The Continental System included Napoleon signing a decree that prohibited trade with any surrounding countries (mainly Britain). This was designed to make Europe more self-sufficient and destroy other countries' power.

This was not successful because traveler's could still bring goods and cargo. As emperor, Napoleon had added to the failure by making the decision without the consent of his people. Britain's navy was stronger and had a blockade, thus making Napoleon's attempts at ending trade a fail.

The Peninsular Campaign: Napoleon had a plan for soldiers to invade Spain and Portugal, mainly because the countries ignored the ideals of the Continental System.

Napoleon dethroned the Spanish ruler and replaced him with his brother, Joseph Bonaparte. The Spanish then revolted and formed an army. This weakened Napoleon's power, so this was another plan of his that was unsuccessful. The French also organized ambushes and went into hiding to protest against Napoleon's decision. These revolts cost Napoleon roughly 300,000 soldiers. Other countries became more loyal to their countries, which was a disadvantage for Napoleon, as is goal was to conquer every area.

The Invasion of Russia: This is said to be one of his worst mistakes, as it destroyed most of his power, and was a leading cause of his exile. Alexander of Russia and Napoleon had intense conflict, thus provoking Napoleon's invasion on the country.

The battle between Russia and Napoleon's army was about even in troop numbers. To retaliate against Russia, Napoleon killed their livestock so they would have no other choice but to fight him. Napoleon was unsuccessful and fled to Moscow. Alexander did not let Napoleon take his territory, so he burnt down his own city before the French could get to it. Napoleon's attempt to invade Russia soon had no purpose. Napoleon ordered his army to turn back, as they were all starving and cold. The Russians had officially defeated the French. By the end of the battle, Napoleon had only 10,000 remaining soldiers.

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