Tenure: Is it worth it? By brittany rum

What is tenure?

Tenure is a special status given to teachers once they meet certain requirements.

Once they meet these requirements, it is very hard to fire a teacher.

Usually, the requirement is working for a district for several years.

The state of Iowa does not have tenure.

The protection that is given to teacher is that there must be a "just cause" to fire a teacher.

That means a teacher has a job for life unless they do something unjust.

Missouri does have tenure.

In the state of Missouri, it takes a teacher to work four years in the same year to receive tenure.

When granted tenure, the teacher's job is basically safe for life.

It is really hard to fire a teacher once tenure is granted.

While both protect teachers, Missouri protects teachers more. Teachers in Iowa can still be fired if given enough reason to be fired. Whereas, Missouri teachers a virtually not allowed to fired after they receive tenure.

I would feel more secure in Missouri, but I know myself and know that I will do my best. I worry that tenure sometimes keeps bad teachers in the classroom.

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