World TB Day 2021 #TBhope RESULTS UK social media toolkit, in partnership with cItam Plus Zambia.

To mark World TB Day, RESULTS UK has partnered with CITAM Plus Zambia to hear from advocates who have experienced TB about why everyone should care about ending TB for good, and what their #TBhope is for 2021. Please share their stories widely and tag #TBhope.

All photographs and video credited to Arthur Davies Sikopo, RESULTS UK, CITAM Plus

#TBhope - Advocates' stories

Precious is a social worker from Lusaka, hear what she had to say:

Bentry is a student and musician from Lusaka, hear what he had to say:

Grace is a health clinic volunteer from Lusaka, hear what she had to say:

Julius is a psychosocial counsellor from Lusaka, hear what he had to say:

#TBhope - Key messages

  • Tuberculosis (TB) was discovered on March 24, 1882 but is still killing more people than almost every other infectious disease. A world without TB would mean 10 million people are protected from ill health, financial burdens and stigma each year each year.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) is airborne and often affects the lungs, just like COVID-19. Many of the same tools can be used to diagnose both diseases. Ending TB and other infectious diseases should be part of the world’s COVID-19 response and recovery.
  • The TB Vaccine is 100 years old and isn't effective enough in adults. In the last 12 months, we’ve seen new vaccines developed at lightning speed. Scientists are ready to do the same for new TB vaccines, so world leaders need to properly fund non-profit medical research partnerships.
  • COVID-19 lockdowns meant people missed out on tests and treatment for TB, and half a million could die as a result. Governments should invest in health systems now for better resilience in the future, including through the Global Fund.
  • At the UN in 2018, world leaders pledged to dramatically expand TB services to ensure the Sustainable Development Goal target to end TB is met by 2030. COVID-19 has thrown the world off course, but with proper leadership, we can still #EndTB