Sopwith triplane by Alex

A British triplane was designed by Sopwith aviation company. It was the first military triplane that was operational.

It was a combat plane, it climbed higher than the albatross plane, but it dove slower. It was a great improvement in the war.

A triplane from WWI in a museum.

The plane says a lot about WWI, it shows that our technology has majorly advanced and we can now fly 2-3 times as fast, and the planes are a lot quieter now.

triplane blueprints

It opened a new way to fight, we can now fight in midair instead of being on the ground. This model of plane helped create better models and designs for better and faster planes.

One of the downfalls of the plane was when diving sometimes the wings would collapse of fall off the plane. Another was that you could only fly for 2 hours and 45 minutes. You could also only have one person ride in the plane.

France, Greece, the Russian empire, the soviet union and the United kingdoms all used them or some form of the triplane. Some statistics of the plane are Length: 18 ft 10 in, Wingspan: 26 ft 6 in, Height: 10 ft 6 in. The plane's top speed was 116 mph.



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