Abstract Collage A Lesson designed by @tatekids

With our Class 5 we learnt abstraction through shapes and materials and also got the tremendous opportunity to share our work with TateKids!

What is TATE?

Tate is an institution that houses, in a network of four art museums, the United Kingdom's national collection of British art, and international modern and contemporary art.


Collage is a French word that means 'stuck together'.

The video is by Kirsten Beaven, artist and editor of sonshine magazine. The Grade 5 students made astonishing artworks and we hope you enjoy looking and reading at what our students have to say !

Upon the completion of our projects we shared the results with Kirsten and this is what she had to say

“These are so brilliant. I am really impressed with how your students have made the artworks with so much energy! They look fantastic, well done to all of you.”
Rasha Sood Saini 5A

The Mysterious Round Thing

​​​​​​​​​Hukmat Kaur 5E

Challenging I am to draw,

I am the most basic shape,

Round I am like the berry haw,

Circular like a videotape,

Lot like a lid of a can,

Endless like I just began!

Sumer Singh Harsh 5A
Hamir Dev Sindharh 5D
Jiya Bajaj 5A
Jeeyat Kaur Duggal 5D
Harshvir Gohri 5C
Kinjal Mahajan 5D
Ayaana Gill 5E

Wonderful Diamond!

​​​​​​​​​Kaustav Goyal 5B

Diamond, diamond what a shape!

Gorgeous you are, no one can escape.

One day I‘ll use you to make a tree

I hope you will be enough to pay for my shopping spree!

Too bad you‘re not the default shape of hair,

But you have always adorned the heads of the heir.

The hardest element of them all,

Will not break even if it falls.

Diamond, Diamond what an adore worthy shape,

When you’re there the whole world is agape!


Umed Singh Aulakh 5C
Kanish Singla 5C
Advitay Bansal 5E
Saesha Bhasin 5D
Prithvijay Singh 5A

The Perfect Day

Shabd Sachdeva 5-E

Blissful peace is found in a long and open valley.

Leading towards the stream is a flock of dainty swans.

Under the long and sturdy bridge lay a team of three mountain trolls.

Ending this day as our horizon fades away, our beautiful memories will always stay.

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