"Getting The Lead Out of Drinking Water" By north jersey.com

Who: The hospital. Where: In flint Michigan.

What: The tragedy in flint prompted officials throughout the nation- belatedly to pay more attention to lead in water. This is what happened last week at Englewood hospital, medical center and at the Passaic valley water commission. When: September 2015.

Why: After recent tests showed elevated levels of lead in drinking water, the hospital since September 2015. The hospital has stopped using water from its taps.

How: Health experts say lead is likely carcinogen that can affect almost every organ in the body. Longtime exposure can raise blood pressure, cause anemia, severely damage the brain and kidneys. Estimates are that up to 12,000 children may experience a range of health problems after drinking lead contaminated water in flint. Additionally, the water supply in flint is considered a possible cause of an outbreak of legionnaires disease. The commission already has replaced about 35,000 lead pipes, but now wants to speed up the process with a goal of removing the 800 remaining pipes in two years. The most lead pipes are in Paterson, which has about 550.

The state department of environmental protection offers a number of tips to residents who think their water may be contaminated with lead, including asking their water supplier to conduct tests. In the meantime, residents are advised that running their water for up to 30 seconds can flush lead-contaminated water from the pipes. The DEP encourages residents to use bottled water if they still have concerns. The advice is well-meaning, but the state needs to find ways to financially help local suppliers remove lead.

In conclusion, the 2015 water was contaminated with lead and is harmful to anything.

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