To Kill a Mockingbird "Point of View" Assignment by Caroline McFadden

Entry 1: Atticus Shoots Tim Johnson

Perspective: Atticus Finch

As Heck and I pulled up in front of my house, I just knew that he was going to ask me to take the shot. Tim Johnson was a ways down and Heck had very low confidence in his shooting, especially when the target is as far away as Tim was. Heck knows how good of a shot I had and I knew the minute he picked up his gun, he would hand it over to me to take Tim out of his confused misery. When Heck first asked me to take the shot, I was hesitant. First of all, I hadn’t shot a gun in many years and my vision is much worse than when I was a kid and second of all, I had an audience watching me which included my two kids, Jem and Scout, and Calpurnia. Neither my kids or Cal knew how good of a shot I once had. When I grabbed the gun, the motions I once used on every shot I took rushed back to me. I walked slowly and calmly out to the street, took off my glasses which were getting in the way, aimed right behind Tim’s shoulder, breathed in, squeezed the trigger, then breathed out. I couldn’t believe I got him after all these years of not shooting a gun. I could tell Jem and Scout were shocked but one way or another they were going to find out that I once had the best shot in Maycomb county, it was just a matter of time.

Entry 2: The Kids Visit Cal's Church

Perspective: Calpurnia

Mr. Finch was away working on Tom’s case and I just didn’t know what to do with Jem and Scout. It was Sunday which meant church. I couldn’t leave them to stay home by themselves so I decided to take them with me. I knew I might be getting some lip from my neighbors there considering that it was an all black church and I was bringing two white folks with me but they could say all they wanted. I would be right there defending my two children. We were all there for the same reason. Although my church is a little different than the Finches church, I just hope they appreciated the way we worked with what we had. Jem seemed amazed at the way we sang hymns and it made me happy when Scout asked to come back with me again one Sunday. I pray that Atticus and Tom are doing fine and doing their best for this trial coming.

Entry 3: The Lynch Mob at tom's cell

Perspective: Tom Robinson

I sat in the dark, waiting. I was back in Maycomb and I knew a mad mob would be coming by looking for me. I heard a few footsteps and I peered out my cell window. I was so relieved to see Mr. Finch walking towards me with a lamp and a book in his hands. He nodded to me as I said, “Hello sir.” He sat right down, turned on his light and started reading as if he was in his home reading an evening book. I leaned up against my cell wall near my window. An hour or so passed when I heard the cars. I could hear the car doors open and close and Atticus’s book snap shut. I was beyond terrified not knowing if I would die tonight or if Mr. Finch could persuade these men to not do what they came here to do. I could only make out what Mr. Finch was saying and could hear every here and there sentences of others. Out of nowhere, I could here a little childs voice. They were speaking to Mr. Finch at first and then another little child's voice started speaking to the mob. Soon I heard the car doors open once more and the noise of the cars engines drive away in the distance. My heart began beating again and I was filled with comfort as I saw Mr. Finch along with three little youngins’ outside with no mob as I could see.

Entry 4: Boo Radley's appearance

Perspective: Boo Radley

I stood in the corner trying not to be noticed. I liked to be alone and this was very overwhelming being in an open room with more than two people in the room. I tried my best to blend in with the walls. I was doing so good until Scout, my neighbor, noticed me. She even knew who I was and called me by my nickname “Boo” which caught me off guard considering that we have never met. I knew who she was but I would have never thought she would know me. I hoped to meet her and her brother Jem one of these days considering that they have many of the gifts that I had given them in the knothole in my front yard. I was so mad when my brother filled it with cement because that was my only way of communicating with Jem and Scout unless I came outside to talk to them which was unlikely to happen. I liked being inside and looking out my window rather than being out there. When Scout exposed me, I made as little eye contact as I could. I stared at the floor hoping that I would soon be back in my safe house. I was happy to be in the presence of all these people though. I haven’t seen many of them in many years except Doctor Reynolds who had recently checked up on me since I’ve been sick. After thirty long minutes, Scout walked me home. I was happy to walk by my knothole where our journey began. I was happy to be back on my yard where Scout rolled onto in her tire. I was happy to be walking through my front door where I was laughing behind when I was watching Scout. I was happy to be back in my home where I have always been and have no plans on leaving again.


From doing this assignment, I have learned many things. One thing I have learned is that sometimes when reading a book and looking at different scenes from other character's perspective, you can review how the scene played out and maybe even evaluate on how that scene made a character feel. For example, when the lynching mob came to Tom Robinson’s cell, I can only imagine how Tom felt. From writing about this scene from Tom’s perspective, it gives me an idea of maybe what he was doing in the cell and feeling when the mob was talking to Atticus. This assignment taught me a new strategy to use while I’m reading other books. It gives me an idea of how other characters are feeling during different scenes in the book. I believe that the point of this assignment is to make us think from others perspective. It is to make us think as if we are that character and why they might behave the way they do. This assignment is doing the actions of the advice Atticus gave Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird” This advice was “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." (page 86) That is what I learned from this assignment and what I believe the purpose of the assignment was.

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