Th1rteen R3asons why By Jay Asher

Publication: 2007

The book Thirteen Reasons Why is about a boy named Clay Jensen who had a crush on a girl named Hannah Baker before she committed suicide. But the story takes off when Clay received this package from someone named Jenny. The package consisted of 7 tape recordings with 13 stories. But what makes these recordings so significant is that they were created by Hannah before she died. These recordings also came with a map, i think it were to make the people who received the tapes to feel as if they were walking in Hannah's shoes.

The rules are pretty simple, there are only 2..... 1.) You listen and 2.) You pass it on


Throughout the story Jay Asher the author continuously goes back and forth between the way the main character Clay reacts to the tapes and some of Hannah's thoughts. This is was very confusing to follow sometimes, but as long as you are understanding that there is a mixture of both of their thoughts you will understand. What i did like about his writing style was it felt as if i could hear Hannah's voice reading the tape recordings herself. I feel as if the setting of this story reflected upon Jay Asher the way He was raised in California, and i feel like he made it as if it was a true story in California City.

i Feel as if this quote kinda speaks for itself and is a huge reflection on the book. It is saying that you have to keep moving forward and you cant change the past, but what you can do is reflect on the past and understand why something happened. In this case its understanding why Hannah killed herself and how each person who received these tapes had an impact on her suicide.


I personally really enjoyed reading this book, it was very suspenseful. I enjoyed finding out the reasoning on why Hannah killed herself. It was amazing to read how big of an impact people have on one individual to make such crazy decision. She killed herself due to all the people around her, and I thought it was intense how she made sure they knew it was their fault.

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