Annual Meeting Guide to the 2021 Drive-thru Annual Meeting

Annual Report Video

Get into gear for your drive-thru annual meeting by learning about the co-op's happenings over the last year.


Step 1: Enter on east 28th Street, just north of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Step 2: ECE employees will direct traffic along the route as it loops around the south side of the facility.

Step 3: Learn about ecoLINK, get free goodies, and receive Board Candidate handouts.

Step 4: Vote and approve 2020 Annual Meeting minutes using an efficient third-party iPad voting system.

Step 5: Exit where directed and enjoy the rest of your day!

Participating in your 2021 Annual Meeting can be very rewarding!

  • GRAND PRIZE: $1,000 CASH
  • 2 – $500 cash prizes
  • 60 – $100 cash prizes
  • Registration gift: $20 bill credit for registering at the event
  • 10 prizes – One month of free 1GB internet service from ecoLINK
  • 4 prizes – Three free months of 1GB internet service from ecoLINK
  • 3 prizes – One whole year of free 1GB internet service from ecoLINK

Award letters will be mailed to the winners following the annual meeting.

On The Ballot

During the 2021 annual meeting, members will be asked to cast their ballot on the candidates for District 2 & 5 Board of Trustees as well as voting to approve the Minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting.

District 2

Lowell Hobbs

Incumbent – 16 years

East Central Board President and Incumbent Candidate for District 2 Lowell Hobbs is a cattle rancher, born and raised in Haskell, Oklahoma. He is an active member of the First Baptist Church in Haskell, and currently serves the community as Chairman of the Okmulgee County Cattlemen’s Association, board member of Rural Water District 20, and Director of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.

He has previously served on the Haskell Chamber of Commerce, the National cattlemen’s Beef Board, the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, and the Okmulgee County Excise Board.

Lowell attended college at Oklahoma A&M, which changed its name to Oklahoma State University by the time he graduated. He has been married to his wife for 42 years, and together they have four sons.

Lowell joined the East Central Electric Board of Trustees in June 2005.

Beyond nearly two decades of service to the co-op, Lowell is a Certified Credentialed Director through NRECA, maintains a consistently aggressive drive to get things done, provides a voice of common sense, and has demonstrated his willingness to share his time with fellow members and listen to their concerns.

Lowell’s goal with co-op service has always been to leave a strong legacy and an encouraging path forward for his family, neighbors, and fellow members across the service area.

In his own words:

District 5

Jay Emerson

As a retired teacher of 22 years, Jay Emerson prides himself on his abilities to help people understand complex information, take in multiple points of view to reach a compromise, and resolve conflicts before feelings are hurt.

These are the skills he hopes to bring to the East Central Electric Board of Trustees.

Jay has been a member of East Central Electric for 40 years, and has lived in Checotah, Oklahoma all his life. Jay has been married to his wife Linda for 30 years, and together they have five children and a host of grandchildren.

After receiving his degree from Northeastern State University, Jay taught elementary schoolers and coached P.E. at Midway and Stidham Public Schools. Since retiring from education, Jay started his own business, buying and selling replacement cattle.

Jay said that retirement has given him the time to commit to, and give back to, the communities that helped him succeed.

Jay would like to continue the tradition that East Central Electric has provided. He also looks to the future, such as windmills, solar energy, and providing expanded broadband to our more rural areas and public schools.

In his own words:

District 5

Ron Everett

Ron Everett has always believed that he has a role to play in giving back to the community. For 15 years, Ron volunteered with the United Way, handing out food and water to tornado victims and painting over graffiti in Oklahoma City.

His passion for giving back combined with his 16 years of experience in upper management of the energy sector led Ron to run for the East Central Electric Board of Trustees.

Originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma, Ron has been married for 43 years, and has spent a significant portion of his career buying right-of-way for Chesapeake Energy. At Chesapeake, Ron served on numerous committees, and helped write the organizations by-laws on business ethics.

Ron currently lives in Porum, Oklahoma, where he has been an East Central Electric member for around 20 years.

In addition to the general energy sector experience and right-of-way knowledge, Ron promises to bring a level-headed and common-sense approach to governance, if he is elected to the board.

Ron strives to set goals and support current staff, research government grants, and be a team player. Ron served in upper management at Chesapeake Energy, which trained him to manage people and get along with people.

In his own words:

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes






SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

The 82nd Annual Meeting of Members of East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Inc. was held at the East Central Electric Headquarters, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

The meeting was held at the Headquarters Building, Okmulgee, Oklahoma as a drive-thru meeting, in order to ensure the safety of both members and employees in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic following the CDC guidelines of social distancing and limiting group gatherings.

Registration of members began at 1 p.m. During registration members received the annual report, a ballot, the survey and registration gifts. Registration concluded at 7 p.m.

At the start of registration, the Cooperative’s records indicated a total of 25,239 members after deducting the total of all members receiving service at more than one metered location; that each of these 25,239 members is entitled to one (1) vote at the 2020 Annual Meeting in accordance with Article III, Section 5, of the Bylaws of this Cooperative; and that five percent (5%) of this number, or a total of 1,262 members present, constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business at the 2020 Annual Meeting of Members.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. registration showed a total of 1,262 members had been registered thus certifying quorum was met for the transaction of business with a final total of 1,850 registered at the 2020 drive-thru Annual Meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer’s 2019 Report was included in the Annual Report and was available on East Central Electric’s website. The report stated that the books and financial statement of East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Inc. are audited each year as of December 31. An audit for the year ended December 31, 2019 has been completed by the firm of Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby, L.L.P., Certified Public Accountants, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Comparative Financial Statements shown in the Annual Report are for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2019.

The Manager’s Report was made available to the members through a video presentation. The video included the current cost of power at 11.3 cents per kilowatt to the members. The revenue was $60,506,792 and the expenses were $58,635,306 to the cooperative during 2019. Nearly 60 cents of every dollar in revenue was spent to purchase power from WFEC and KAMO. Ending the year with $199.7 million in plant assets and $107.9 million in liabilities equaling a 45.95% equity for the cooperative. East Central Electric has had a 7 percent meter growth over the last ten years with a total for 2019 of 34,419 along with a 3 percent growth in miles of line over the last ten years. The board voted to return $1.1 million in capital credit to the members in 2020 and has returned $26 million to the members since 1975. One of our core principles is Concern for Community with a focus on youth programs. Operation Roundup has awarded $246,000 in scholarships and $1,851,742.94 in grants to those in need in our communities. East Central Electric is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable electric service. Traveled 785,088 miles, installed 413 new services, inspected 22,338 poles and trimmed, cleared and sprayed over 950 miles of right-of-way during 2019 with only one lost time accident and reliability rating of 99.92%. Spent $24,888,774 in plant additions including construction, maintenance, right-of-way, and fiber. The fiber project construction for Phase 1 is now complete with 2000 subscribers.

The members were given ballots at registration and the election was held in accordance with the bylaws. The entire membership voted on the Trustees for District 1, 3, and 6. Being that there were no opponents on the ballot the incumbent Trustees, Larry Harvey, District 1; Max Shoemake, District 3; and Jim Hall District 6 would remain in office for an additional three-year term. In addition, the membership approved the minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Drawings for the prize winners were completed at the conclusion of the meeting.