Playful Faithful and Lucky Luke By Kenya Jones

Crafting My Vision

In the first step of my course project, I drafted a client presentation document showing the theme, setting, character, and object concept. I started with a description outlining my storyline with reference images that would display my thoughts and ideas. In my first draft I chose a sample setting along with sample images front and side that would be used as a reference for my 3D characters. I also selected 2 reference images to be used as props or object in my 3D display.

Developing my Vision

With this character I tried to use a more advanced modeling technique to add detail using the NURBs surface tools. I also used my reference image as a guide to outline my character.

In the below images, I again use reference images to outline the object of my seesaw that would be used on my playground; tracing the object and using both polygonal and surface-based modeling techniques to create a 3D form. I started with a sphere to created the base and used the edge tool to cut the bottom half of the sphere. For the seesaw, I started with a polygon cube and I use the scale, rotate and move tool to form the shape of the seesaw.

In this portion of my project I further developed my character, environment, and prop objects by adding texture and color to the surfaces of my scene.

As you can see, I have added a sky, sand to the ground and a little grass. I have also added color to my seesaw and texture to my basketball.

As my project further develops, I am now working with different lighting to create a better feel of outside lighting to go with my playground.

Luke and Faith playing at the playground (rendered addition)

Created By
Kenya Jones


Created with images by Lets Go Out Bournemouth and Poole - "Play area at Boscombe Chine Gardens"

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