Dare to draw 2016 sEm1 pOrtfolio

I am Jalynn Wilkinson. This is my first year of high school art, although art has always been a hobby to me. My life goals are to get my pilots license and open a small airplane repairshop. This class is by far my favorite because it is laid back and has showed me skills I never knew I had.

Upside down contour

Contour line focuses on the adjacent spaces (adjacent space is the space between the lines) and the relationship of the angles of each line. To make these drawings better I should have slowed down the translation process.

Blind contour

Blind contour(drawing without looking at your paper only the object your drawing) makes you focus on making your hand follow your eyes. Although it doesnt turn out pretty to the eye, in your mind your hand and eye are growing closer due to this practice.

Upside down contour

Upside down contour drawings focuses on entering a mindset that what you are drawing are just shapes. Wothout being specific on thinking its an ear or foot. In this drawing like the other contours I should have slowed down and focusses on small pieces at a time.

Positive and negitive space

Positive and negative are refering to the object itself and the space around it. In this drawing the positive space would be the detailing of the Corsiar itself while the negative space would be the silhouette of the fighter in white. By focussing in the shape of the negative space you can draw the fighter more easily like drawing upside down contours. In this piece on the positive side adding a few more darker darks would cause this fighter to look like its in action.

The drawing on the right is my before and the left is after.

The difference between these two pieces is value, shape, and proportion. In the befpre drawing I was drawing with only the skills i knew i had, but in the second drawing I paid more attention to detail and slowed down my drawing process. By getting that slow feeling I was able to show small values in small areas of the hand that make a big difference in the realism of the piece. Also wroking with positive and negative space create more realistic proportions. But to make these pieces better adding more darker darks in the shadows would make it pop right off the paper.

Profile view

Working with this profile also practiced positive and negative spaceing, to create a proportional face and neck. As well as value in the face, neck, and hair. This profile could be better in the face the values need to be blended, the lips need less of a outline, and the shirt and collar bone needs to be less flat.


Stipiling focusses on creating value wuthout lines or solid pieces. My favorite parts of this piece are the ears, nose, eye, mouth and chin. Why are they my favorite? Because they look real and not flat. They have value, while the neck and face lack. To make this more real a few small value changes throughout the neck and face would make all the difference.

Still life

In the still life we focussed on value, shape, and shaddows. In this piece all my shapes and small values are right on but the wheel and interior of the box look the best because they are the barkest spots. If I were to add more dark spots everythign would come together.

Scratch boward chewbaca

In the scratch borad we focussed on values. In my piece chewbacas eyes and chin could use more small value lines and subtle changes in lighting.

Two point perspective

In the two piont perspective our focus was on two vanishing points, following the horizon line, and horizontal and vertical lines. What this lacks is a sturdy contour and dark values.

Before self portrait
After self portrait

In the self portrait what i found wrong with this is the positioning of the left lense, the value of the hat, and the roughness of the face value.

Rushca ribbon drawing

This has been by far my favorite project. In the futrure i plan on doing more of this style. In this drawing i feel the valie was to rough but maybe that went along the lines of the word chosen.

Art this year has been my favorite. I made new freinds, found new skills, and used new techniques i never even thought of. Although some challenges arose like not taking my time on pieces, not wanting to ask for help, being unsure on my poinion of my drawing, but these can be overcome. The project i enjoyed the most was the Rushca ribbon drawing. It gave a cool new way to draw 3-D words and phrases.

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