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Depression doesn't discriminate between children or adults, men or women, rich or poor , christians or muslims, black or white, etc. It doesn't even care if you have a good family, a great job or if you are having a good day. You wear it like a second skin and it never leaves you, it never keeps quiet. Sometimes you can ignore it but some days its sting is just too painful. Soon you'll feel the tightness in your chest and the warm tears rolling down your cheeks...the bitter anguish followed by sweet relief. Then you dry your face and give what's left of the day another good try. Sometimes you get a much deserved break.

Daily, you keep fighting the battle as valiantly as possible because ultimately it's all about the small victories. You are God's beloved and he will sustain and comfort you each and every time. Do not worry. Do not despair. You are never alone. You are always loved.

May your days be full of hope and laughter even if the tears don't seem to disappear. May your world be filled with joy even if you occasionally feel a void. May you always remember that Jesus loves you even if you are feeling a bit blue.

God bless you always.
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Jennifer McGuigan


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