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Reason for Founding

New England was founded for 3 reasons. One,people from England did not want to believe the Church of England. They were called Separatists or Pilgrims. They created Plymouth to seek Religious Freedom. Second, people from England wanted to "purify" the Church of England. These people were called Puritans. They were strict of what they wore, how they talked, and what they believed. The final reason was that people believed they should have religious tolerance. They got kicked out of Massachusetts Colony (where the puritans lived) and created their own colony , Rhode Island, where they could practice religion freely.



The Climate of New England is very different than the other colonies. There are harsh winters, mild Summers, and small growing seasons. There is also some rainfall.

The Land

Rocky Soil

The land has rocky soil and coastline. The coastline help get boats in easily. There are vast forests and hilly land. There's plenty of rocks for your needs.

Natural Resources

There is a variety of fish in New England such as fish and whales. There is clean water for drinking and washing and forests for wood.


People Whaling

They made money by cutting lumber to make ships and houses. Fishing and whaling was a popular industry. They used whale fat to make oil and candles. Also they raised animals for money.


In New England, there is a lot of premier educational institute and Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Brown, MIT, and Yale. These colleges have world famous faculties and provide top notch education and learning experience. These schools lead in research and innovation. The puritans believed that education was the most important thing after religion and established world class education like Harvard.

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