Annya Karina Marttinen By: Emily wolfe

Annya Karina Marttinen is a Canadian freelance illustrator. She has lived in several parts of Canada, and currently lives and works in Southern Ontario. The first painting that she did when she was little was one of a rabbit. Rabbits continue to be a common element to her works. She says that her family was very supportive of her art, and this became her motivation for becoming an illustrator. She likes being able to work in Canada because she likes to work in coffee shops and forests, of which Canada has several. Marttinen says that she also likes to work near the waterfalls and flea markets around her town.


Marttinen writes that her main inspirations come from "quiet everyday moments, vintage fashion, and (her) fondness for the comfort of home". She is also inspired by the descriptions from classic books, and people from movies. She says that she likes to collect artwork from other illustrators, like Emily Martin, as well as 18th and 19th century fairytale artwork. In addition to this, she also collects vintage clothing in order to use it as inspiration for painting people from other eras.

"Earl Grey" and "Early in the Morning"

Annya Karina Marttinen says that she listens to "Gem Club, Ben Howard, Sóley, Sea Wolf, Bon Iver, Angus & Julia Stone, First Aid Kit and the Paper Kites" when working. She says that songs with folk sounds, imagery, and poetic lyrics help her to paint.

"Golden Reading Chair"
"My aesthetic consists of a dreamy girls and forest animals all with a vintage touch. It’s a little bit shy and a whole lot of sweet. It’s dreamy and delicate using a feminine perspective."
"Floating Books"



  • Describe- This is a picture of a girl in a purple dress sitting in the grass with a cat
  • Analyze- This picture is interesting because it uses bright colors to accent the main girl, while contrasting it against the dark green grass and the dark sky.
  • Interpret- This picture gives off a peaceful mood because of the look on the girl's face. She looks very calm with her eyes closed and kind of a sad smile. It shows that she is thinking and it is kind of melancholic.
  • Evaluate- Personally, I love this picture, it looks very calm, yet deep and sad. I also like the cat in the picture because it adds a story to the picture, like she ran away with her cat. The flowers in the back are also good because they add details, and are simplistic which makes it youthful.

"Earl Grey"

  • Describe- This is a picture of a girl looking out of a window. There is a cat on the roof, and it is very grey and cloudy.
  • Analyze- This pictures shows the rule of thirds with the house, the cat, and the girl.
  • Interpret- This picture gives off a melancholy mood, because it looks like the girl wants to leave but she is trapped by something, and she looks very sad. The clouds and the grey sky add to the mood.
  • Evaluate- I like this picture a lot because the colors work well together. Like the sky and the house are dark and depressing, but the girl's hair and outfit pop out like it is saying that she is different than the place she is in.

"Early in the Morning"

  • Describe- This is a picture of a girl laying on a bed reading a book. There are other books on the floor, and things on the walls, that represent nature.
  • Analyze- This picture shows rule of thirds because the focus is on the girl on the bed, who is off centered. The lines on the floor also help to create leading lines.
  • Interpret- This picture looks calm and hopeful because of the bright colors, and the smile on the girl's face. She looks like she is relaxing in bed, based on the book, the food, and her expression, but the bright walls contrast that, and add an excitement to the picture.
  • Evaluate- I like this picture because the colors are very intriguing, and I like how everything goes together to create a happy, chill mood.

"Golden Reading Chair"

  • Describe- This is a picture of a girl on a chair in a library. There is a bunny next to her, and a picture and a clock on the wall.
  • Analyze- This picture shows rule of thirds with the girl on the left side, and is asymmetrical with the picture not being equal on either side, but is equaled out with the girl and the things on the wall, and the bookshelf and the rabbit.
  • Interpret- The girl in this picture looks pretty sad, while the colors are rather happy. For example, the chair and the clock are golden, and a lot of the books are yellow, red, or green, which are all upbeat colors, so the girl's facial expression is contrasting to the rest of the picture.
  • Evaluate- I like this picture, but i would have made her look more relaxed, instead of depressed.

"Floating Books"

  • Describe- This is a picture of a girl in a chair with floating books all around her. There is also a bookshelf and a black cat. The picture is also Wicca-esque with the candles and the cat.
  • Analyze- This picture is asymmetrical because the girl is off center, but balanced by the shelf and the cat in the left corner. The books create a frame around her, which is cool, plus all of the colors go well together.
  • Interpret- This picture looks calm and magical with the floating books and the candles, and it looks like she is peaceful while she does her magic.
  • Evaluate- I love this picture because I like the warm colors, plus the peacefulness of the girl and the moon.

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