Mental Health in Korea Jennifer yeo

Summary: Korea has three times the suicide rate of the US, yet most refuse to get any treatment or medication, based on certain beliefs that move individual thoughts behind the family's face and appearance.

Who Posted this Inspiration: Mark McDonald

How Did You Arrive to This Inspiration: I arrived at this inspiration while reading a web cartoon about psychology and psychologists' cases, a few which involved suicide, which had interested me. My family also has many of the beliefs and mentalities stated in the inspiration, and when I realized many other Koreans did as well, I wanted to dig deeper, and pull out the root of that belief and plant a seed of understanding of psychological issues.

How It Relates to Me: As a person, I may myself develop mental illnesses, or have a friend or family member develop them, and will want to help them. As a Korean, I would like to lower the suicide rates, and help other Koreans understand that mental illnesses are not something to be ashamed of.

What You Want to Accomplish: To help make people, especially Koreans understand that there is nothing wrong about asking for help about mental illnesses.

Why Others Should Consider It: Anyone may be struck with a mental illness, and it is important to not sign off that person as insane, but to understand and try to help the person recover, especially if it can cause their own life to end.

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