Dangerous weather By:Reggie

Wild fire

This is a wildfire!

What causes a wild fire?

As you will see in the next slide, I have made a list of what causes Wild Fires.

Wildfires can't happen anywhere. Wildfires happen only when the air is dry and there are leaves, twigs and plenty of things for the fire to eat.

WHAT CAUSES wild fires

Cigarettes that are left on the ground usually catch fire to make a wildfire

Arson or deBrise That is left on grond and when a spark from a fire touches this it causes these fires

Twigs mixed with sparks from fire catches fire

Dry Grass mixed with twigs can be caught on fire

Sun when it is very hot burns things and causes fires

Twigs or branches that cause fires!

At night

WildFire in progress


Slowly dies

Our brave firemen putting it out

Exting the fire

Airplanes spreading gas to put out fire

After wildfire the ecO SYSTEM starts to become stronger

What Is a wild firE?

A wild fire is a uncontrollable fire. It spreads very quickly and is dangerous!

  • Smoking is biggest cause of home fires. Heating objects such as a lighter etc is the second most common cause of home fires. Arson and intentional fires are another cause of human home fires. Most of these fires happen outside but most of the deaths and injuries occur in homes.
  • 90 percent of wildfires in the United States are caused by humans. Some human caused fires are from campfires left unattended, burning of debris, discarded cigarettes and intentional acts of arson. 10 percent are started by lightning or lava.

A fire

  • A fire can usually be put out by fire men
  • A fire doesn't cause half of the damage that wildfires cause
  • Fires usually cause wreckage or injuries and sometimes death.
  • Fires are usually at home

A wild fire

  • Wildfires take a long time to be put out
  • Wildfire usually spread
  • Wildfires are never in homes but in the woods or where there are trees.
  • Wildfires can last up to 1 month or more depending on how bad it is.


  • 1) It mostly happens in a dry area.
  • 2) Mostly humans and human inventions are what causes wildfires: cigarettes, machines, camp fire and sparks from fire.
  • 3) Not only do humans make or cause wild fires but mothernature also causes the huge fires: The sun or twigs can also cause fire
  • 4) In most dry climates you know when you can make a camp fire by seeing signs in the park.
  • 5) After wildfires homes jobs and parks are destroyed. It also puts a lot of people in danger!
  • 6)When the wildfire is over the eco system starts agian becoming stronger
  • 7) most animals are able to escape the flames.
  • 8) climate change may cause more wildfires
  • 9) After wildfires Beatles nest in the burnt trees
  • 10) 80% of wild fires are man made
  • Moss that can catch fire
  • A Dry area where wildfires are easier to happen
  • If there are cigarettes or branches on the ground the wild fire will be bigger

We cause wild fIres

Our inventions are sometimes what causes theSe awful fires

How to stAy safe during a wildfire

  1. If you are told by a mayor to evacuate then go to a safe place immediately.
  2. Wear heavy gear so you don't get burnt from fire.
  3. Lock your home if you are not evacuating.
  4. Tell someone ( friend) you ar evacuating and where you are going to too satay safe.
  5. Choose a safe highway away from fire. Watch for the speed and direction of fire and smoke.

How to prevent wildfires

  • Look at your camp fire level before camping
  • Put your cigarettes in the garbage not on the floor
  • Be careful when dealing with fire. A small spark can cause a wild fire
  • Follow directions form park rangers.

Fire level safety code

Over here you can't make a fire.
Differnt fire levels telling you when you can make a campfire. Low you can definitely make a campfire. Moderate try to be careful. High DONT do it and anything higher definitely not.

Why wild fires are sometimes Good for the eco system

  • After the fire the eco system comes back bigger and stronger
  • It destroyes everything that's dead
  • Helps trees become stronger

1997 Indonesian forest fire

The Wildfire in indonesia was The largest fore in two centuries. The fores were caused by slash and burn. It made a lot of people evacuate and flee for almost 1 year. The econmic loss was 14.8 billion dollars.This fire took place In middle of 1997 and,ended in 1998

(One)of The biggest fire

Why i chose wildfires

I chose wildfires because People dont think wildfIres are dangerous but, suprise they are. Wildfires can travel very fast destroying mostly everthing it touches. I think people should Follow directions givin by mayor or authority to stAy safe during a wildfire.
I Hope you learned a lot about wildfires!

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