INNOVATIVE MEDIA Andreansa (0328699)

An International student from Indonesia currently taking Mass Communication in Taylor's University. From this Innovative Media module, I expect to get more hands-on experience in the adobe (Specifically adobe spark) on the feature and editing tools. Video shooting and editing also came to my expectations to broaden my ability on improving the innovativeness of the media. I have personal interests mainly on music, food, and arts whether its performing or enjoying them. I plan to see myself as a journalist abroad, learning new cultures while embracing my culture in the same time. That would be fun :)

Assignment 1 : E-Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

Video Games

The Avatar was practicing his moves when suddenly, an enemy came to attack! Due to the obvious difference in strength, the enemy was easily defeated and the Avatar leveled up. However, after his upgrade, he was faced with a new adversary - The Fruits - and he quickly lost due to his arrogance. Fortunately, a cool ninja arrived to help and sliced all the fruits! He leveled up and consequently earned the title Fruit Ninja. At the next level, the Fruit Ninja was up against The Finger in a hockey game. All was going well until the ninja lost his patience and threw the hockey ball towards The Finger, thus ending the game.

Group Photo

#Imavatar #Syamillaenemy #Ryujininja #Siskacuteselfies #siskadrawssowell #siskashouldbeanartist #siskapleasequitmasscom #siskapleasetakedesign #byesiska

Exercise 2 : Viral Content


Exercise 3 : Infographics

This infographic is made for people suffering from drugs addiction. Mainly to open their eyes that it's not too late to stop now if they still can read this poster. Families and friends of the drugs addict are advised to not lose hope as well.


My second infographic :) Please use this one.

This infographic is made to educate people about how severe a newly introduced drug called FLAKKA is (Widely known as Zombie Drug). It also advises people to not consider taking the drugs since it is highly addictive and deadly. If you don't want to be a zombie, don't FLAKKA yourself.

Exercise 4 : Mobile App

App name : VidGasm

The app is dedicated for people who likes to 1) watch 2) stream 3) download videos and also listen to favourite radio and music all in a single app.
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Assignment 2 : Video

The concept of our video is to try wasabi and sambal with other food combinations. For example, we will combine wasabi with fried chicken and sambal with sushi. It may sound strange, but we promise you it will be interesting! Stay tuned xoxo






#wearealltoohot #that #it #burns

Assignment 3 : Chat Stickers

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me present you my happily done chat stickers with the topic of "Street". The stickers consist of 6 different emotions which are sad, happy, angry, confused, sleepy, and working. All 6 stickers were inspired by my personal experiences. Sad sticker was inspired by my morning walk to campus when I somehow saw a traffic cone on the street. Happy sticker was inspired by a rubbish bin in D7.02 during Innovative Media class. Angry sticker was inspired by the "not-coloured" wall in my campus. Confused sticker was inspired by my crossing street experience in PJS 9/18 when the traffic lights was broken. Sleepy sticker was inspired by an automatic street lamp that turns off every 7 am in front of my house. Lastly, working sticker was inspired by Ms. Sheila, a lecturer of mine who asked me to buy her cold milo from the vending machine in campus.


#my #Inspirations #for #chat #stickers #:)



Coneh, the only traffic cone with afro is warning cars not to pass the street because it's under construction. A car doesn't seem to care to him (I mean who would listen to a cone with afro?). Coneh can only cry and scream "STOP". #SAD


Rubb is resting his eyes until a can suddenly jumps in feeding his empty stomaches. He is happy. "Keep Clean"


Wallie is a clean wall but not for long. PSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT he is MAD now.


Is it Green or Red? Yellow? Green Red Yellow? Thirdzie is confused too but he dances well.


Humans sleep when it's dark. Lampoke sleeps when it's light.


Pay Vender coins so he works. Here you go, have yourself a coke!





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