Greek 6 Components By: Joey

Geography/cities: Geography impacted the settlement of Ancient Greece because the mountains and seas basically split Greece into two parts, causing them to grow up independently, and divided. Some of the early cities were located near seas and mountains. This was important because the mountains could provide protection and the water could provide travel.

Class Divisions: The basic idea of civilization in Greek is if you own a property you are a citizen. The Greeks did this because they thought that the city-states were made up of the owners' land. A citizen in Greek had the rights to vote, defend themselves in court, be in office, and own land. Children and women don't have any rights, even if they are citizens in Ancient Greece. This makes Greece different from other civilizations because Greek was the first place to have a civilization, and in other places, like Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc, most people were not citizens and could not own land, vote, or have rights.

Challenge Class Divisions: Some advantages you had as a citizen was that you could own land, vote, hold office, etc. A disadvantage was that every citizen had to join the army, and become citizen soldiers. Citizen soldiers could help Greece because Greece would always have an army, bur could not help Greece by lowering their population when people in the army died.

Art: The kinds of art in Greece were poetry, columns, body painting, and drama/plays. The poetry kind of art impacted Greece because some a lot of Greeks thought that the stories "The Odyssey," and "Iliad" were true. The way that dramas affected the Greeks was by giving them entertainment. The Greek ideas spread to a lot of places in Southwest Asia, and this happened because Alexander the Great would spread Greek culture to every place he nd his army went.

Organized Government: An oligarchy is where only a few people have power, a democracy is where almost everyone has power, and tyranny is where tyrants rule. The difference between a direct and a representative democracy is that a direct democracy is where everyone can vote for what laws they want to pass and other governmental stuff, and a representative democracy is when a person or a few people represent a large group of people. An example of a oligarchy is Russia, an example of direct democracy is Switzerland, and the U.S, an example of a representative democracy is the United Kingdom, and an example of tyranny is Caligula from Rome.

Religions: Some of the religious beliefs in Greece were a lot of gods and goddesses, which the Greeks thought they had affected peoples lives and made certain events happen. Some of the things the Greeks did because of their beliefs was constructing buildings as temples for the gods and goddesses. They would also make statues for the buildings.

Writing Systems: A lot of Greek letters look like weird deformed letters of the English alphabet, or shapes. Here is merry Christmas in Greek


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