The Marker By brian moy

The first usable/ selling marker was created by Sindy Rosen in 1953. It was called the Magic Marker and it was made out of a glass tube of ink with a felt wick.
In 1964, the Sharpie was officially patented, even though it was invented all the way back in 1944. This marker held ink in liquid form in its handle and used a felt tip.
In 1965, the Mr. Sketch marker was invented by Sanford. This marker was different from other markers because it was a scented marker and each marker had a flavor. The current price for this is $11.99
In the 1970s, the highlighter was invented and it was very different from the normal marker. The use of the highlighter was to highlight things and not to color with them.
In 1996, Britney Smith started selling dry-erase markers for whiteboards and glass. These markers were easily erasable and turned to dust as it was wiped away. The current price for a pack of expo markers is $5.99.
The Suncayr Marker was invented in 2014 and its use is for you to draw on your skin and then apply sunscreen over it. The drawing on your skin will start to wear off and when it is completely gone, it is telling you that you need to apply more sunscreen.



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