Gallery Portfolio By. Marisa hansen

I ended up going to the Lydia Okumura: Situations art gallery up at Weber State. The type of gallery that she did was more in the realms of of geometric abstraction through re-visiting various past sculptures and work on paper. Her art work challenges the eye, and it makes it trick you. A lot of her artwork is from the 1980's so it was cool to see that art work still persevered after all this time. She also had an art piece where people could actually go and walk through it, sort of like a maze. I personally believe she did not have any outside influence, she came up with her art all on her own.

She used a lot of different types of media in her art pieces. In the art piece where people could walk in it, she used a stretchy fiber type material that made it easy for her to manipulate and work with easily. It was see-through and it also had a shiny or sparkly look to it, and the texture was in the middle of smooth and rough. In other pieces she used gouache and pencil simply on paper, while in other pieces she used acrylic paint, colored pencil, and black ink. She used those materials to make her paintings more colorful and cool. One other material she used was silkscreen prints.

There was a lot of content there that I noticed. I noticed that she definitely has a specific style to her art. She is the type of person that likes a lot of abstract things, but at the same time, some of her art work was very simple as well as complicated. It was cool to see the different pieces she had, and the two pieces that stood out to me were the 3D ones. She had the one where people could walk through it, and she also had an art piece where it was rows of columns all varying in different sizes, and it was cool to walk through that as well. She did not have a lot of color in her pieces, but the few that did had a lot of color to them.

She used a lot of different elements in her pieces. She utilized simple materials such as string, glass, and paint and her work also balances lines, planes, and different shadows. The main purpose of her work is to allow the people looking at her art to have a deeper and slower interaction with her work, unlike other people's work. She wants to make sure people rally get a good look at what they are staring at, and make sure they really process and understand what is going on in her pieces. She wanted people to physically be in her work so they could get a better understanding of her work from her point of view.

She used a lot of geometric shapes, and honestly that reminded me of when I was little. It reminded me of when I was little and I would play with different shapes, trying to figure what went with what. Also, her artwork reminded of when I did these certain art projects with strings in elementary school. I would weave the string on paper making a certain design or picture, and some pieces of her artwork reminded me of just that. It was cool to see those pieces because it brought me back to when I was a little girl. Also her walk-through art reminded me of playing on a playground as well.

Focus (1986)
The Appearance (1976)
Phenomena (1985)
Situation (1974)
Phenomenon V (1985)


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