Diversity and Inclusion Tools and Strategies for Building Welcoming Businesses and Communities

Community Pillars for Diversity and Inclusion

This presentation is an introduction to Cultural Awareness, LGBTQ2S+ Awareness, Indigenous Awareness, Truth and Reconciliation, Accessibility and Age-Friendly Awareness, Poverty Awareness, and Unconscious Bias Awareness to help participants to recognize the diversity of their communities to embrace inclusion within their businesses and communities.

Expected Outcomes for Participants

Business owners will learn how they can improve diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, tools and strategies for adopting changes within the workplace and a better understanding of the importance of being a diversity and inclusion champion within their business and greater communities.

Participants increase their knowledge in the identified Pillars with stories, exercises, and conversation. Allowing us to build a space for safe and meaningful discussion

Participants will also learn tools and strategies for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, including hiring tools, tools for implementing change, and resources to continue to grow.

Previous Work

Past participants have reported a 67.42% increase in knowledge and understanding of the Pillars of Diversity and Inclusion after taking our workshop series.