Study Abroad 2020: Puerto Rico & Curacao Sustainability at the Interface of Natural and Human Systems

What is the future of the Caribbean?

Explore Curacao and Puerto Rico this May to find out!

Caribbean islands face a challenging future

  • Hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides
  • Limited resources
  • Changing economic conditions
  • Colonial histories
  • Sea level rise

Will these societies endure?

Explore where culture, climate, and coasts intersect!

  • Investigate how human and natural systems impact each other.
  • Analyze complex issues using different viewpoints and life experiences.
  • Connect histories between the islands and USA.

Small Caribbean islands face similar yet distinguishable sustainability challenges that can often be traced back to differences in historical and natural contexts. In this course, we will focus on the differences between the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and Curacao to explore various sustainability issues impacting these islands as we consider how the risks of climate change, increasing frequency of extreme events like Hurricane Maria, earthquakes, and rising sea levels, threaten the future of each island.

Your Mission: Discover & Document

Each student participating in the study abroad will produce a communication project to explain or help solve a problem that they are concerned about in the islands. Students will get the chance to learn how to use a a wide range of tools for these projects including Adobe Premiere Pro, GIS Online, and virtual reality! We want you to be creative and explore your voice!

Quick Info:

  • When: May 9-19, 2020
  • Where: Curacao and Puerto Rico
  • Who: Any ECU student is welcome to join us on this trip regardless of major!
  • What: Explore and document the influence of environment and society on each other.
  • How much: $3,175 (includes 3 course credits in GEOL5500 and ALL expenses except meals, passport, or other personal needs)
  • Contact: Dr. Stephen Moysey (moyseys18@ecu.edu) for more information.

Registration Deadline: January 31

Learn more by following this link to the ECU Study Abroad Program page!

News: An information meeting will be held on Friday, January 17 at 3:30pm in Graham 106.