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THE SPANISH ARMADA IS DESTROYED: The Spanish had huge powerful ships and striked fear in the other countries. They were afraid to make any move with all powerful Spain watching.
Pirateers - Pirateers were people who stole goods from passing ships. They were in fact, allowed to do this and the people that owned the ships and goods just about had enough of Britian's crap. They decided to revolt.
Storms- The Spanish were the most powerful in this time period. They just about had it with Britain and decided to attack them. That did not turn out well because they couldn't go through the main channel thanks to Britain blocking it off, forcing them to go up and around Scottland and Irleand all the while in-countering several storms that weakened their Aramanda and destroyed many ships.
British cannons- As soon as they got there, they fired their heavy cannons. The Spanish was no match to Britian's newer, better cannons. Long story short, the Spanish were forced to retreat.
The effects of the Spanish Armanda being defeated- There was a huge impact to this historic event. It weakend Spain to the point that no one was scared of their reign anymore. In fact, England and France saw this as a oppertunity to start civilations in certain places.
The weakening of Spain- Before this little event, Spain was the most powerful place at this time. In fact, this little event caused them to lose their power over things.This was a breath of realif after this happened to some countries.
Colozation- Remember that realif some countries had after Spain was weakened? Britain and France toke the oppertunity to begin civilation in some parts of America.
THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA- The all famous Columbus is the reason why you don't shortcuts. This guy thought he could easily go from Spain to India( with a short cut) and be rich with spices.
Spain-war =More $- Spain is no longer in war and you know what that means, MORE money. Since you don't have to worry about money for warriors,food,weapons, and shelter. A guy named Columbus striked a deal with the queen and king of Spain and he is fainced with a couple ships and some crew to go find spices.
Shortcuts- Guess who wanted to go find a short to India? and then ended up in completly different place which is now known as America.
The silk road- The silk road was closed off by the Turks.This forced the people to find a different route to the spices. Remeber, at this time, spice was worth more than thousands of pounds of gold and oxen. Spices made disgusting meat bearable to actually eat.
The discovery of America- Thanks to Columbus's mistake, it led us to where we are today.
Acheivement unlocked!- America unentionally discovered!- Columbous wanted a short cut. He got something totally unexpected. He landed in the Bahamas, thinking he was elsewhere. Well, there is some contervarsy about that with many theories that include how the naitives were there first .
Spices found- The whole point of Columbus little trip was to find spices. He sucessed and brought back plenty of spices and became rich.
Columbus vs The naitves- There is still conterversy over who exactly found it first. Columbus was kind at first, but then toke advantage of their kindness.
The fall of Constiable- The fall of Constiable is quite inportant to what happen to the events that lead on to Columbus's great discovery.
Castles- So a guy named Mehemand had a castel built right next to the walls of constinable. The emperor tried to buy Mehemand off with gifts, but the M. beheaded one of his ambassators. That meant war
ATTACK!!!- On May 29, the attacks began. Wave one- Attacked as many Byzantine defenders as they could Wave 2- To move through a hole in the enemies wall, was pushed back. Luckily, the heros found an unlocked, ungaudered door to the city.The emperor was dying in the streets
The fall of Constinoble- Ever since the Turks cut off the Silk road, the Europeans began to explore other routes. Columbus then comes into the picture and was fianaced and then sails in the wrong direction to were he finds himself in the America?
Bye bye, Europe- The Turks cut Europe from the silk road. So the Europeans start exploring other routes to Asia
Spices, spices and more spices- we loop back to see Spain, deperate to work back up to the top. Spain fiances you know who and he sails west instead of south
World travels- Well hello America! This place wouldn't be discovered if it weren't for the silk road being cut off.
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