D.B. Cooper The skyjacker

D.B Cooper.

Have you ever heard of a robber/hijacker/skydiver, well there is one man that got away with it. D.B. Cooper was a man that was taking a flight to seattle, but on the way there he made the plane land by saying in the briefcase he brought a bomb in it and he would blow up the whole plane if they did not give him $200,000 and 4 parachutes. So they gave him everything he asked for. When no one was looking he jumped out of the back of the plane. People still this very day,debate whether he jumped out the back of the plane and died from hypothermia because the night was very very cold and stormy with lightning. Did he die when he landed? Did he survive and get away with the hijack? The debate is to whether D.B. Cooper is alive today it is still asked.

D.B. Cooper is alive till this day, people believe. The people want to still try to find whoever was D.B. Cooper. People are trying to figure out where D.B. Cooper hid the money. What did he need 4 parachutes instead of one. Why did he want so much money. What are your thoughts on D.B. Cooper? Why do you think D.B. Cooper asked for so much stuff? What do you think he did with the $200,000? D.B. Cooper is still a topic that people believe is still interesting, He is debated to be alive still. D.B. Cooper is thought to be alive because people think he is just hiding. D.B. Cooper is one of the most mysterious men in history.

D.B.Cooper is known for being a skyjacker that known one found ever. D.B. Cooper is a mystery nobody knows but himself. He was questioned to if he had a bomb in his suitcase anyways. Did D.B. Cooper even use his real name on his ticket people question. Will they ever know who D.B. Cooper is or will it always remain a mystery? D.B Cooper will always be a topic people want to learn more and more of.

D.B. Cooper is still desuced if he is dead or alive. In theory one people believe he is still alive and walking. Theory two believes he is dead. Theory three people want to find out when he died if he is dead. Will we ever find out if he is dead or alive or will it always remain a mystery. Some believe he is dead and I see why, first he jumped out of an airplane and the weather was super super cold and raining and there was lightning and he could've died of hypothermia of got struck by lightning. Second he could died when he hit the ground. Third of all he was known to have a parachute that did NOT work and people believed he might of used that parachute.

I agree with theory three because I think he’s dead but they don't know where he died or when he died or how he died. It is important to know about D.B. Cooper because all the money could still be somewhere. If they find they will probably have the case closed and to know why he stole all those things.

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