The Fourth Tuesday: We Talk About Death By Haley ullrich


Morrie states that everyone will die eventually but they deny it. Mitch wonders how can he prepare for death and Morrie responded with a Buddhist philosophy. Morrie mentioned that he never thought about dying just like everyone else and the disease made him think about death. Morrie thought about his youth and said that he had been in many different religions.


Morrie states, "'everybody knows they're going to die,' he said again, 'but nobody believes it'" (Albom 81).

Message in the chapter

The message in the chapter is that we shouldn't be afraid of death because we all have to die someday and its natural to die.

The gravestone is a symbol in the chapter because the topic is death and Morrie is going to die its kind of obvious since he has a disease with no known cure. Since he knows hes going to die he tries to let Mitch know that no one should be scare or surprised when they die.

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